Mesu’s Library

My first love for reading as a Christ-follower was the NIV Study Bible. It whetted my appetite for the details of biblical culture and setting. I then devoured Christian Living and Bible study books. But when the Lord called me to write biblical novels, I began researching and reading almost exclusively what is termed Biblical/Historical Fiction. In “Mesu’s Library” you’ll find my favorites from these categories and more.


Favorite Bibles

I’m convinced that we become “partial” to the Bible translation we read when we first experienced the life-transforming power of God’s Word.

I began my deeper study in the NIV Study Bible (1984 version), and those particular words and phrases hold a dear place in my heart. However, newer translations arrive! NIV now has a 2011 version that I’m getting used to, but my favorite remains the familiar phraseology of yester-year.

No doubt, this is how many felt about the King James version, and how many will feel generations from now when new versions arive.

It’s important to remember that the original God-inspired Hebrew and Greek texts from the Old and New Testaments NEVER CHANGE. The translations of those ancient texts must change, however, because scholars recognize the necessity to speak to an ever-evolving world.


New and Soon-To-Be Released Biblical Novels

It’s tough to keep up with all the new voices in Biblical Novels, but here are a few of the newly released or soon-to-be-released titles. If you’ve heard of others coming within the next year, please let me know!


Favorite Biblical Novels

I’ve also tried to list for you some of the Biblical Historical Fiction that I’ve enjoyed reading through the years. This list is NOT exhaustive, and if you have read a FABULOUS biblical novel, please let me know! I’d love to add it to my reading pile and take a look at it!


Favorite Non-Fiction

There are a lot of great books out there. But some books changed my life. This is my list of life-changers. Perhaps you have your own list ~ or will begin your own today.


Favorite Inspy Authors

Confession Time.

I’ve only read a portion of the books listed here. But I love ALL these authors! Some are dear friends. Some are people that I simply admire their skill and writing craft.

Most ~ as you will see ~ are historical fiction. A few contemporaries may show up from time to time. If so…take notice. They will be especially interesting if they hold my attention!