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writing-2-1312013For as long I can remember, my mom has faithfully journaled God’s Word in her life.  I recall her each morning sitting on her bed with her Bible, her journal and a cup of creamy coffee. Recently I had the chance to hear her share a few of these entries recounting how God has faithfully met her over the years. When she finished, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room – and I am quite confident that it was more than her story telling that brought tears, but the desire we each have to see God touch our everyday life in such a personal way.

Much like Miriam’s story that reflects life changes, ministry changes, and the processing of her own heart, the faithfulness of God is the constant. I have seen in my Mom’s life and continue to see in my own that as I invite God to work and make time to be quiet with Him, He will do amazing things even in the most ordinary of days. From parenting to ministry, marriage and dealing with senior parents, God gives a promise, a reprimand or a simply word of wisdom reminding who He is and that He is at work. I invite you this Monday morning to grab a cup of coffee and take a few minutes to enjoy one of her stories taken from her journal some 40 years ago:


It was Saturday night and Calvin (my dad!) was putting the final touches on his sermon. This was our second official Sunday in this new ministry in Houston. Calvin had started a series on the “Faith Life” from Hebrews 12. We talked together about this concept of the “faith walk,” steps of cycling: Revelation from God + Response of Obedience = Faith Walk. We had just completed three years of seminary. I sighed and spouted off,  “I am so tired of living by faith when in comes to money. I would like to have a real jelly dish to put on our table when we have guests. I just put jelly in a cup from our dishes. I would also really like to have a second set of queen size sheets. We just had one set, which meant I left the bed undone all day because it took so long to line dry in the Houston humidity. Plus, I would enjoy sewing myself a new dress… ‘just because’.” God did not strike me dead as I grumbled; Calvin finished his work on his sermon on faith.

Sunday morning Calvin shared his message. We invited guests for dinner, enjoying our Sunday with other people. About 2:15 p.m., the woman gets up and starts clearing the table. Since this was our home, I think, “Maybe I should help her!” At 2:30 p.m. the door bell rang. People from our church began arriving. They had planned a House Warming for their new pastor.  One couple gave us a glass jelly dish with a glass spoon; another couple gave us a set of queen size sheets; an elderly couple who were not able to attend because of the husband’s heart difficulties and thus his wife had been unable to “shop” for a house warming gift, sent a package with this note: “I know this is a most unusual housewarming gift, but, Evelyn, I know that you sew. I went to my fabric closet and selected some material for a new dress.”

Monday morning I think maybe I should have some time with God in His Word. On that   day, I read Proverbs 8. God impressed verses 10, 11 on my heart:

“Take my (wisdom’s) instruction and not silver, and knowledge rather than choicest gold. For wisdom is better than jewels and all desirable things cannot compare with her.”

I wrote this response: “I am sitting here thinking about my thoughts on Saturday night, desiring the extras, ‘the silver and gold’ over the walk of faith in money matters. First, God shows how He cares and provides by giving the exact things I wanted. Then He gently reminds me, ‘Wisdom and knowledge are better than silver and gold.’ I was so wrong. I repent, but I thank God for His gentle dealings with me.”


  • Do I truly believe that God’s Word is “my life,” directives for my everyday activities, thoughts, attitudes and actions? How do my life habits verify that truly this is my belief?
  • Am I willing to truly surrender and walk in faith regardless of the path He leads me on?

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    Wow…just wow. Where do I even start about all the things I love about this post. 1) If your mom hadn’t journaled this God-encounter, you would likely never have known about it. Journaling is soooooo important. Why don’t I do it more? 2) It’s good to be reminded that God is a detail God. Though life sometimes feels random…it ain’t! 3) What a godly legacy your mom is passing on to her children not only through her life but through those precious journals you’ll someday inherit! How beautiful!

  2. Dear Mesu, all my ministry years (36 so far) I’ve lived like this, trusting our Father for every first and last cent. It takes a lifetime to truly trust Him without anxiety, but He has NEVER let me down, regardless of my mistakes, weaknesses, foibles, strengths, etc. Those more I trust him with total responsibility for every detail, the more He likes it, I believe. Bless that dear lady; He didn’t tell he off for her complaining, but He did the opposite in order to teach her this lesson. Isn’t He just the BEST?!

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      He is amazing for sure. I love that you pointed out our gracious God, who didn’t scold Klicia’s mom for complaining but instead taught her through His blessing. What a tender-hearted Father we have! He’s teaching me much through Isaiah 30:15 right now–repentance and rest, quietness and trust. It is a lifelong lesson for sure!

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