Rainy Days by Angie Arndt

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Exodus 9:33Some people don’t like the rain. But I love to put on my slicker and boots then take long walks, twirling my umbrella. Have you ever noticed how different the world is after a storm? Colors are more brilliant. The world is still. The air is pure and sweet.

 There are reasons for those changes in our world. Did you know that a gray square confined by a dull color looks light, but when bound by a bright color, it looks dark? Flowers seem brighter on a rainy day because they are surrounded by gray: gray sky, gray clouds, and gray rain. Against the dull, dark background, the colors pop!

When the earth is parched, some plants produce scented oils. The rain releases those oils into the atmosphere. A bolt of lightning that splits the sky also splits molecules in the atmosphere that recombine into ozone. Those two scents join to create that crisp clean smell after a rainstorm. You can’t have one without the other.

But Egypt had been having too much rain, much like parts of the U.S. in the past few weeks. This was the seventh plague that the Lord had sent to Pharaoh to convince him to release the Israelites. Rain, thunder, lightning and hail combined to produce the worst storm Egypt had ever seen. It destroyed livestock, crops and even people. But those who obeyed the Lord’s warning, even those in Pharaoh’s household, were spared in this plague. I wonder if Pharaoh’s daughter — Moses’ foster mother — was one of those who listened? What kind of influence did nurturing the future leader of the Israelites have on the daughter of the most powerful man in the land?

Rain in small amounts at the appropriate time is a blessing. Too much can be a curse. But even though the Lord knew Pharaoh would change his mind again, this time he allowed Moses to stretch forth his hand and stop the storm.

Are you in a stormMesus-BFFs-Coordinator-Angie today? The Lord may not stop it, but He will be with you as you go through it.

About Angie Arndt
Angie fell in love when she read her first biblical fiction novel in junior high. She and her hubby live in South Carolina with four furbabies in the middle of a big wood.

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  1. Once again, you’ve given us daily inspiration. The Lord may not stop the storm, but He’ll go through it with you. A good reminder.

  2. Wow!! Can I ever relate to today’s devotional!! I know for a fact that storms will come ~ sometimes one here and there and sometimes so many hit at once it’s hard to breath! But, you’re right ~ He is, and will be, right there with us!!

    1. Becky,

      I know it’s been hard. I feel for you, sweet friend. I know people say to take one day at a time, but sometimes it’s enough to take one moment at a time or one breath at a time. And with each breath, if you lean into him, he’ll see you through it.

      Big hugs to you.

  3. I must say, I sometimes miss the storms we had back in the Midwest. The rain in the Pacific NW is more often a steady drizzle–or drippy, as Roy and I call it. Our lives have sort of turned into that as well. Gone are the violent storms of our young married days–and the past few years have been steady stress that ebbs and flows but constantly…DRIPS. Sort of like Chinese water torture. :-/ No matter which kind of rain, your words–and our God–remains the same. He is indeed always right there with us in it. Thanks for the wonderful picture of His presence, dear friend. 🙂

    1. Mesu,

      Thank you so much! Our life has been stressful too (I know you know that), but isn’t it cool that the Lord sends such sweet friends to help us through it? I count your friendship as one of God’s gifts. He will see us through.


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