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March 17th isn’t just St. Patrick’s Day. It’s the day The Pharaoh’s Daughter releases!

I’ve paced and sweated and cried over this baby, and tomorrow it’s borne to the whole world. If I had more than three minutes of free time, I might be excited—or nervous.

My assistant, Klicia, has helped immensely with blog posts, newsletters, and mailings. And y’all are like an ARMY out there, sharing with your family, friends, at churches, in your communities, and through social media. The Lord has blessed beyond measure…

But sometimes—on days like today—it’s all a little overwhelming, and I feel like crawling into a hole.

Isn’t That Awful?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m very thankful. It’s just that, I feel like the Lord left the blessing spigot on too long, and now I’m drowning. Lest you think I’m too blessed, take heart. My doc decided to switch migraine meds, so I’m struggling with more and worse headaches in the midst of the increased demands.

I’m not complaining. I’m making a point. This is what happens when I wallow in the DUMP rather than walk through the DESERT.

The dump and the desert feel very much alike sometimes, but the result of my visit to either location is determined by my attitude.

dumpBehold the DUMP:

  • Chaotic & Distracted
  • Based on my DECISIONS
  • Leads to DECAY
  • ME-focused

wildernessBehold the DESERT:

  • Silent & Waiting
  • Relies on God’s DISCLOSURE
  • Leads to DELIGHT
  • GOD-focused

Important Lessons from the DUMP/DESERT:

As Long as I’m Focused on Me, I’ll Stay in the Dump.

If I remain focused on my little life and the things of this world, I’ll see only chaos and face constant distractions. I’ll set goals and fail. I’ll sin and repent—and sin again. I’ll sit in my garbage and decay because only a God-ward focus can lift me above my helpless self. In Him, all things are possible! When I become God-focused, I live in silent wonder, waiting on that next revelation. Each encounter, each revelation of God leads to new delights.

Neither the DUMP nor the DESERT is Our Destination.

Both are a part of our bigger journey. They are pit-stops through which we travel on the way to God’s greater destination. Granted, some dumps and deserts last years—remember the Israelites in the wilderness? But His timing is perfect. So I wait…and I trust.

Where Are You Today?

Do you find yourself in a DUMP or a DESERT time? I hope you’re experiencing neither. I pray you’re sailing along life’s highway without a single bump in the road. However, if you find yourself in a dump…like I was when I began writing this post…let’s both take a moment or two to re-focus.

Oh, And About That Book Release…

I’m sure each of you has a myriad of concerns, joys, struggles, and victories happening in your life right now, and my book release won’t be the biggest thing happening in anyone’s day tomorrow. ☺

But I’d be so grateful if you’d wander over to (←Click on the highlighted text to go to The Pharaoh’s Daughter page on that site—same for sites listed below.) and write a short review. Please be sure you don’t reveal any spoilers in the review. We want readers to make those same fun discoveries you did when you received those ARCs in December! ☺

Other Sites

If you have time, please consider leaving reviews on other sites as well. Just copy your Amazon review (Ctrl+C) and paste it (Ctrl+V) on these other sites (no need to write separate reviews for the different sites):

Thanks Oodles, Y’all!

May your dump days be few and your desert be delightful!

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  1. So excited for you and the release of this book Mesu!! It’s amazing and I can’t wait for people to read it!!! Thank you for always sharing so honestly with us and for encouraging us in our journeys! Now that this long awaited day is almost here may you enjoy a wonderful Release Day!! 🙂

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  2. My journey has felt like a desert for many years. Plodding along in the barren landscape seeming to be getting nowhere fast. Now I wonder if perhaps it is more like those back country roads I remember from childhood. Roads through empty landscape can become a drive-by dump until streams are choked with garbage and the shoulders are littered with the debris of life. Maybe if I clean-up my roadside dump, I will be able to journey with hope and focus!
    Thanks for pointing out the differences, Mesu!

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      Great word pix, Kate! I can see in my mind those country roads I drove down as a teenager, littered with trash and debris. Life does feel like that sometimes when we’re looking down…but when we look up, the sky is limitless. Keep looking up, my friend! 😉

  3. I sometimes feel in the dump and in the desert. I also go along n a state of feeling good. I so identify with your feelings. I am happy the time is here for the release. I have had my review ready and waiting to post. Love you Mesu and I understand about the headaches. I’ve been there and still have them sometimes. I’m so glad you share with us and let us go on your journey with you.

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  4. Wow! I’m sure it seems so surreal that book #5 is about to be revealed. Thanks much for sharing your heart stirring thoughts. I believe I’ve moved from the dump to the desert in the last couple of days. I will always refer to that transition YOUR way.

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  5. Mesu, you have such a wonderful way with words! I love your dump/desert explanation – it is a really helpful way to describe it. So pleased it’s finally release/launch day. Excited to be able to share it now with others. Thanks for being so real with us and sharing from your heart.

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