Urim & Thumim by Becky Hartsfield

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aReading about the ancient use of the Urim and Thummim in this book, In the Shadow of Jezebel, written by Mesu, I’m reminded of when I was much, MUCH younger and found myself inexplicably drawn to subjects dealing with the occult. After many years of experimenting with all kinds of crazy things that led to further and further darkness, I began praying and asking God to bring me out of darkness into Light. The God I had encountered as a child came to my rescue and today my life is fully committed to Christ! (Yay, God!!)

Lo and behold, the more I study Scripture, the more I find that our God ~ the very one we serve today ~ is full of all kinds of supernatural power!! Not the dark, scary type found in the world of occultism, but the magnificent superpower kind that belongs only to our God!

So, as I was thinking about the Urim and Thummim communication tools of ancient days, I am blown away to think that those tools have been replaced with the amazing ability for each one of us to communicate directly with our awesome Father, Creator, and Redeemer!! How amazing & mystical is that!

Becky Hartsfield
After a multi-year stint in high tech, Becky returned to her original field of training working in mental health. Her current assignment is in downtown Portland, Oregon working as an Administrative Assistant (aka “Jill of All Trades”, including providing technical support) at a 70-bed residential care facility for a challenging population of older adults with mental health and substance abuse issues.

In addition to working full time, she enjoys spending time with her four cats ~ Chuck Owen, Bear, Dobbie, and Ms Gigi Belle. She loves hanging out with friends, and often provides free “geek” support for those who need help with technical issues.

Her house has a million unfinished projects, but activities like reading are far more important!  She has enjoyed reading since discovering that letters make words and words make sentences and sentences make paragraphs and paragraphs make chapters and chapters make BOOKS!!

From now until the end of her earthly journey, she desires to walk with Jesus – to be a Christian every day, one day at a time, in a way that is conspicuously spiritual rather than obnoxiously religious – and have an AWESOME time as we all travel Home together!

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  1. I enjoyed this post and can relate to straying when I was young. God firmly yanked me back and his endless love and forgiveness never cease to amaze me. I too have a Bear. LOL…she’s my 7 pound tiny, but ferocious kitty….at least the 60 pound dog thinks so:) Blessings!

  2. I loved this devotional, Becky, and the realization that the Lord is the Source of supernatural power. So often publishers ask novelists to shy away from anything supernatural because it makes the story “less believable.” And to some degree, it’s true. We don’t experience grand miracles in our daily lives, but God is still God–and He is still MORE THAN CAPABLE of miraculous communication with His people! And really, isn’t my salvation–and yours–a miracle in itself? (If you’d known me BEFORE Christ, you’d know what a miracle it is! ha!)

    Great thoughts, Becky! Thanks for stepping out of your comfort zone to share them!

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