FREE GIFT – The 2nd of 4 eShort Preludes to ISAIAH’S DAUGHTER

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Unplanned Encounter – Abijah’s Story: Discover the story of Abijah, a little girl plagued by early disaster but also carried by Yahweh’s promise to make her a queen. Given into the charge of Isaiah and his wife, Abijah dreams of her life with Crown Prince Ahaz—but never dreams that their first meeting could end the betrothal. Can an Unplanned Encounter …

Who is Abijah?

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With a name like “Mesu,” I’ve never had to worry about which Mesu someone was talking about. Abijah, however, is another story. If we had an “Abijah Bible reunion,” eight people would walk off the pages of Scripture—six men and two women. The Abijah we’re talking about today is the wife of King Ahaz, mother of Hezekiah. Scripture says very …

Seeking the Light

Seeking God by Tracie Heskett

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A couple of years ago I was on “sabbatical” – not by my choice, but by God’s. I was in between book contracts for a period of months, and during that waiting time I did a Bible study on listening and seeking God. Isaiah 26:1-12 was part of the “seeking” focus of the study. “My soul yearns for you in …


Review of FLOOD by Brennan McPherson

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Book Description: Nearly two thousand years after Adam and Eve eat death into existence, the flavor still echoes on their descendants’ tongues. War is sweeping the world from the iron throne of a man who calls himself the God-King. Caught in the crucible is a young family broken by loss and carried along by the prophecies spoken over the infant …

Isaiah 6:1-8

Who Is Isaiah?

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When children list their superheroes, we get Batman, Superman, Spiderman, and maybe—now that we’re raising more sophisticated children—Captain America and/or Iron Man. Diligent, Bible-teaching parents might invest in the Super Heroes of the Bible Sticker and Activity book. I would be surprised if the prophet Isaiah was featured in this book. He’s generally not listed with Old Testament greats like:  …

Do Good

Do Good to Them by Nichole Ridner

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Imagine yourself as a Pharisee studying the Torah for years and living according to strict Laws such as: “But if there is serious injury, you are to take life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, burn for burn, wound for wound, bruise for bruise.” Exodus 21:23-25 Then a rabbi from Nazareth—of all …