Seeker of Stars reviewed by Mesu Andrews

Seeker of Stars: A Novel by Susan Fish

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Book Description:

Seeker of Stars reviewed by Mesu AndrewsAs a boy, Melchior is fascinated by stars but has rigid obligations to apprentice with his rug-making father. When his life is radically changed, he is propelled onto a new path full of danger and glory in pursuit of a special star. The journey leads Melchior to reflect on life and death, dreams and duty, and to find unusual reconciliation within his family and with the God he never knew he sought. Destined to become a classic, Seeker of Stars offers a fresh retelling of the story of the magi, and will appeal to people of all ages and faiths.

My Review:

☺☺☺☺☺ – 5 smiles!

“Destined to become a classic” is such a cliché, but Seeker of Stars has become the Christmas story I will read each year to prepare my heart for the TRUE meaning of Christmas. This powerful little book—read in a single afternoon—touched me in a profound way. I felt about this book much like the author described the Magi’s response to their first glimpse of Jesus, “There was nothing religious about this; it was holy and true.”

Granted, the book is fiction, a biblical novel. But this is biblical storytelling at its finest. Rich word pictures and deep spiritual truths leapt off the page and nestled into my heart. Exceptional research and truly likeable (and unlikeable) characters created a rich tapestry of story to savor and enjoy. I’m sure there were knots and broken threads beneath the tapestry that only the author knew, but to her credit, she mastered my questions and distractions so flawlessly, I followed these characters through decades and miles without a hiccup. Beautifully done.

Perhaps one of the reasons I loved this book so much was the tying together of Old Testament promises and New Covenant hope. The main characters—Melchi and his family—live in the East, a land the Old Testament would recognize as Babylon. Bible history buffs will recall that as God’s judgment for worshiping false gods, the northern kingdom of Israel was exiled to Assyria, and years later, the southern kingdom of Judah—the rest of God’s people—were exiled to Babylon, and Solomon’s great Temple was destroyed. Many Israelites returned to Jerusalem to rebuild the Temple, but some Jews remained in Babylon for generations.

The author weaves together these Babylonian Jews with the story of the Magi, and suddenly the “wise men” we’ve seen in every Christmas play since grade school become real men on an arduous journey to find Israel’s new king. For those who revel in bridging Old Testament stories with New Testament fulfillment and present day application, Seeker of Stars is especially rewarding.

This unique Christmas story touches every human relationship. Marriage. Sibling love and rivalry. Parent/child yearning and emotion. It’s a timely reminder of the frailty of earthly relationships—when we have opportunities to unpack old baggage during holiday travels. Don’t let another Christmas pass with unspoken sentiments looming over your family. Be a Seeker of Stars, and experience the true miracle of Jesus—the Child, born King.