FREE GIFT – The 2nd of 4 eShort Preludes to ISAIAH’S DAUGHTER

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Unplanned Encounter – Abijah’s Story: Discover the story of Abijah, a little girl plagued by early disaster but also carried by Yahweh’s promise to make her a queen. Given into the charge of Isaiah and his wife, Abijah dreams of her life with Crown Prince Ahaz—but never dreams that their first meeting could end the betrothal. Can an Unplanned Encounter …

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FREE GIFT – The 1st of 4 eShort Preludes to ISAIAH’S DAUGHTER

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Unplanned Changes – Aya’s Story Who was Isaiah’s wife before she was Isaiah’s wife? Why was she considered a prophetess? These and many more questions are left to our imaginations, but we are given some clues in Scripture. Step into the life of a little girl, the oldest of seven children, who must forge ahead amid the hard realities of …

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FREE access to Tosca Lee’s deleted chapters of ISCARIOT!

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September’s bargain is another fun peek into the deleted files of my friend Tosca Lee’s computer. She only offers these deleted chapters of Iscariot to those who sign up for her newsletter, but she’s offered them to my subscribers this month as well! I’m thrilled to give y’all a taste of this amazing book. It’s won numerous awards, among them …

BFF Giveaway! MANY SPARROWS by Lori Benton

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How to Enter Follow the rules below to create a graphic for Mesu’s upcoming release! Then, share your creation on the private BFF Facebook Page and/or the BFF Pinterest Board (Check your Pinterest inbox for an invitation that allows you to add pins to this board. If you don’t see an invite, let Nichole know – – and she will send …

Limited time offer on Mesu’s book, THE PHAROAH’S DAUGHTER!

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August’s bargain is from my own bookshelf! The Pharaoh’s Daughter is on sale for $1.99 through August 27th on most eBook formats. (Please check prices before final purchase. Prices are subject to change without notice.) The Pharaoh’s Daughter was the fifth book I wrote but the first in the Treasure of the Nile series. It tells the story of the …

Free Download from Tosca Lee & THE LOST YEARS OF MEHY Cover Reveal!

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July’s bargain comes from my sweet friend Tosca Lee’s first biblical novel, Havah. It’s one of my all-time favorite biblical novels because I love Tosca’s lyrical writing voice. Every author has deleted scenes–and sometimes whole chapters–that don’t make the final cut. The content may not fit the flow of the story, or perhaps it was sacrificed to meet a word-count limit. Count yourself one …