Do You Need A Sabbath?

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When I have too much on my proverbial plate, I “hunker down” and get into this zone. I’m not sure if it’s a blessing or a curse. Hubby and I both do it. We call it “task mode.” It’s when we focus–to the exclusion of everything else in life–on our to-do list.

Task mode shows very little tact.

Task mode has no sense humor.

And task mode says, “Don’t get in my way.”

My smart-phone has become a bridge into task mode town. Between that phone, a laptop, and my desktop, I’m constantly writing, posting, emailing, or chatting with someone somewhere about something. EEE-GAD!!!

I need a Sabbath!

Here were a few signs that I’d lived in task mode too long:

  • I didn’t take time to celebrate a completed project. I simply moved to the next thing on my list.
  • My normal sleep patterns were interrupted–harder to get to sleep and stay asleep.
  • I wasn’t fully engaged in conversations, distracted by my own thoughts.
  • I was impatient with others–slow drivers, talkative grocery clerks, and post office lines–I was certain everyone was on a mission to skew my tightly scheduled day.


  • What are some signs that you’ve been in task mode too long and might need a Sabbath rest?

Because we’re saved through faith in Jesus Christ, we’re not bound by the Old Testament Law; however, we can still form healthy habits by the motivation behind Old Testament guidelines. Thus sayeth the Lord in Lev. 23:3 NIV: “There are six days when you may work, but the seventh day is a Sabbath of rest, a day of sacred assembly. You are not to do any work; wherever you live, it is a Sabbath to the LORD.”

Last Sunday was my first Sabbath in a very loooonnnnnggggg time. Wait…

Let’s define Sabbath…

Leviticus 23:3 says a Sabbath involves rest, sacred assembly, and no work. So for me, Sabbath is a day when I set aside routine stresses, worship with God’s people, and focus on His goodness.

Specifically, last Sunday I decided “no work” meant no computer, Facebook, Twitter, or email–all day long. I nearly spiraled into tremors by bedtime, but I stuck to my commitment. And guess what…

The earth kept spinning. My inbox didn’t explode. And the Facebook community didn’t even notice my absence.


  • What activities do you need to set aside in order to enjoy a Sabbath rest?

But What Do I DO?

When you work from home, it’s hard to know what to DO during a Sabbath rest. I write biblical fiction and devotionals, so if I sit around and read my Bible, I’m going to be thinking about my next project.

As usual, my Abba spoke in an undeniable way. @Author Media’s blog post for July 10th (How To Increase Your Productivity By Working Less) gave some wonderful insights on defining parameters between work and leisure. It was a good place to start as I prayed about what MY SABBATH looked like.


  • What are some things you would do to enhance your day of Sabbath?

Let me encourage you…The days since my Sabbath rest have been the most productive I’ve experienced in several months, and my task mode hasn’t flushed me down the commode. Hubby doesn’t run away when I walk into a room, and the dog doesn’t cower in the corner.

Take a Sabbath! You and the Lord will be glad you did!

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