Encourage and Pray For Julia

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pray for juliaFriend and Author, Mary DeMuth

…was was on her way home from Haiti when she received news that her daughter was experiencing severe health issues. That was early October. Her daughter, Julia, has gone through a lot. Testing. Pain. Questions. You can read more about their family’s journey on Mary’s website.

Let me just say here that they found few answers, but Julia began to improve. There was rejoicing but lingering pain. Praise God, yes! But what about the unanswered questions?

Mary was scheduled to speak at a conference. While there, another text came, reporting Julia having more symptoms. A hurried flight back home, and Mary rejoined her family as Julia endured more pain, more tests and more questions. You can read the specifics HERE.

Pray for Julia

My heart aches for this precious teenage girl. I experienced my myriad of mysterious health issues and testing as an adult. It was overwhelming to the point of spiritual, mental, and physical exhaustion. Pray for this young girl who is experiencing the fear, uncertainty, pain, and frustration of an unknown illness with few medical answers.

Pray for Mary & their Family

Mary is watching her daughter endure all these things–and completely helpless to make it better. Those of us who are parents know the incredible agony when our children hurt–and there’s nothing we can do to fix it. The whole family is weary and out-of-sorts. They need our prayers and the touch of the Master’s hand.

A New Book With A Serious Challenge

To further complicate the matter, Mary has a new book that released (I think) the day Julia was first admitted to the hospital. I can tell you that the first few weeks of a book release are incredibly demanding of time, energy, and attention–all of which Mary must give Julia right now. Mary’s new book is called Everything, built on the premise of making Jesus our Everything. The whole family is being tested to their limit of that commitment. Mary has an incredible testimony and lives out her faith with transparency. Jesus is indeed Everything we need.

How You Can Help

Julia is fighting discouragement, fear, uncertainty. If you’ve ever dealt with an ongoing health issue, you know the difficult balance of trusting Jesus for every breath and yet yearning for definitive answers.

Prayer is powerful encouragement, but a postcard is tangible, touchable proof of God’s work through His Church on earth. If you’d like to send Julia an encouraging note, please mail it to this address:

Julia DeMuth
c/o Mary DeMuth
P.O. Box 1503
Rockwall, TX 75087

Thanks so much for your prayers for Julia, for Mary, and for the DeMuth Family!