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Announcing the FALL INTO LOVE ultimate giveaway!

Join us as award-winning authors Tracie Peterson, Jody Hedlund, Nancy Mehl, Melissa Tagg, and Jen Turano take us on a journey for love in their upcoming novels. To celebrate the September/October book releases, we’re hosting FIVE incredible giveaways with ONE fantastic grand prize drawing.  Enter all five contests and receive FIVE entries into the grand prize drawing with additional chances to enter the FALL INTO LOVE ultimate giveaway throughout the month of September!

The Prizes:


ONE GRAND PRIZE winner will receive the FALL INTO LOVE prize package – a $500 value! – containing everything you need to snuggle up with a great book…Grand Prize


• A 16GB Kindle Fire HD for all the books you want, right at your fingertips


• Fall into love as you fall into this beautiful free-standing wooden hammock


• A Sherpa & Micromink cream throw to keep you warm as the weather turns chilly


• A selection of gourmet caramel apples


• A copy of each novel represented (Unforeseeable by Nancy Mehl (link to:, Rebellious Heart by Jody Hedlund (link to:, A Talent for Trouble by Jen Turano (link to:, The Miner’s Lady by Tracie Peterson (link to:, and Made to Last by Melissa Tagg (link to:

FIVE INDIVIDUAL PRIZE PACKAGES!   Fall into love with these beautiful stories from 5 amazing authors, and enter each contest for your chance to take home a meaningful part of their story.  To learn more about each novel and to enter visit

Miner's Lady1) The Miner’s Lady:   From award winning author Tracie Peterson, comes a beautiful story rich with the comfort of good food, the love of family, and the struggle for faith and forgiveness. Have a seat in Nonni’s Italian kitchen with a basket of cultural delicacies and experience both the flavor and heart of Italian America with The Miner’s Lady Giveaway! AVAILABLE SEPTEMBER 1st!  ENTER HERE


Unforseeable2) Unforeseeable  Settle into your favorite reading chair with author Nancy Mehl’s delicious story of intrigue, danger, and suspense, all set against the serene setting of the small Mennonite town of Kingdom. Enter the Unforeseeable Giveaway to bring the delicious tastes of Mennonite life right into your home… AVAILABLE SEPTEMBER 1st!   ENTER HERE


Made to Last3) Made To Last  From author Melissa Tag comes the story of Miranda Woodruff, star of a home-building television show who apparently has it all, until it all threatens to fall apart. Read, laugh, and enjoy the hilarious misadventures of a heroine with a tremendous amount of skill, a lot to lose, and even more to discover about her own heart. As part of the Made to Last Giveaway, experience the joy of having the right tools, the right guides, and something beautiful to reward yourself with on a job well done. AVAILABLE SEPTEMBER 15th!  ENTER HERE


Rebellious Heart4) Rebellious Heart:   From Best selling author Jody Hedlund, Rebellious Heart brings the history of 1763 Massachusetts to life with the story of socialite Susanna Smith and poor country lawyer Ben Ross. When Susanna’s decision to help an innocent woman no matter the cost crosses with Ben’s growing disillusionment with their British rulers, the two find themselves bound together in what quickly becomes a very dangerous fight for justice. Bring the fight for justice and liberty to your home with this meaningful prize package. AVAILABLE SEPTEMBER 15th!  ENTER HERE

Talent for Troublt5) A Talent for Trouble Set in the early 1900’s, Jen Turano’s spirited new book,  A Talent for Trouble, will leave you feeling like you have lived in the Victorian era of New York City, strolled through Central Park with your best hat on, and had a hilarious and unpredictable adventure with a new friend. With the prize package for A Talent for Trouble you can continue the adventure and bring some of Felicia’s journey home with you. AVAILABLE OCTOBER 1st!  ENTER HERE

How to Enter:

Click on one of the banners or visit to submit your information. Each week during the five-week contest, we will reveal a new method of entering and increasing your chances for the grand prize.

Week 1: Enter one or all of the individual novel giveaways. For every individual giveaway you enter, you gain one entry into the grand prize drawing. (Possible grand prize entries: 5)

Week 2: Like one or all authors on Facebook. Every author liked gains you one entry into the grand prize. (Possible grand prize entries: 5)

Week 3: Refer a friend. One grand prize entry awarded per friend, per contest. (Possible grand prize entries: 5)

Week 4: Submit a review of any book by one (or all) of the five featured authors. 3 entries awarded per review per author (limit one per author). (Possible grand prize entries: 15) **

Week 5: Pin a picture of you with one of the 5 featured novels. One grand prize entry awarded per picture per novel. (Possible grand prize entries: 5)

To enter via the methods available week 2-5, visit each individual giveaway and submit your information through the entry form. Follow the prompts for completing your bonus entries.

**Reviews can be submitted to AmazonGoodreads, or your own blog. To enter the contest via this method, paste a URL to the review in the entry form where indicated. Entries will be verified before final grand prize drawing.

More Information:

For details about the contest, prize packages, entry methods, or contest rules, visit

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  1. What a great contest going on. I am only familiar with Nancy Mehl’s books and I must say she is a great author. I love her books. I am looking forward to reading books by the other authors that have so generously put a prize package together.

    Thanks for this great giveaway!
    Judy B

    1. Post

      Hi Judy!
      So glad you stopped by! I have to tell you a funny story about Jen Turano (Author, Talent for Trouble).

      At this year’s ACFW conference in Indianapolis, the Revell and Bethany House authors got together for a special dinner. We were introducing ourselves around the table, and who was sitting RIGHT ACROSS FROM ME?

      Yep, Jen Turano! I almost asked for her autograph! ha! We laughed and giggled when I explained about this giveaway scheduled for my blog.

      She’s a doll in person, and I know you’ll love her book!


      1. Now what are the chances of that happening! Sounds like both of you are real dolls in person! Indy is only about a 3 1/2 hour drive from my house!


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