Happy Birthday, Baby Jesus!

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Christmas is Coming…

At midnight tonight, Christmas Day begins. I remember several times over the years, my hubby would wake me up in the middle of the night to open gifts–’cause he just couldn’t wait until daylight. He’s often more anxious than the kids for our Christmas celebrating to begin.

Where’s Baby Jesus?

One of our favorite family traditions is a game we play on Christmas morning. Before our girls could open their gifts, Roy removed the ceramic baby Jesus from the nativity scene in our living room and hid it. Then we played “hot and cold” until they found Baby Jesus because, “We would have no Christmas, no gifts, no joy–if we didn’t have Jesus.”

When the girls were little, we hid Jesus in obvious places–on the coffee table, on the TV, etc. As they grew older, we had to get more creative–in a potted plant, buried inside a Kleenex box, or in the dog’s collar (you should have seen their frustration when “hot and cold” kept changing!).

A Helpless Babe…

This year baby Jesus takes on new meaning as I stare into the face of our newborn grandson, Garrison. Those first moments of his life, he had to learn everything–how to suck, to swallow, to cry, to focus. Truly, can you imagine that the Son of God ever allowed Himself to become so utterly helpless?

When Garrison cries, we change his diapers, feed him, rock him, comfort him–because we don’t know which thing he needs. He can’t tell us. Can you imagine God-in-Flesh being so humiliatingly dependent on a young mother and simple carpenter-father. What was God thinking?!

He Was Thinking of YOU!

Will you be thinking of Him tomorrow? Most scholars agree that December 25th is not the exact date Jesus of Nazareth was born in Bethlehem, but it’s the one day each year that the whole world stops and remembers the event–whenever it happened. And I’m excited to celebrate that special day–the remembrance of my Savior’s birth–with those I love and cherish.

Have a Wonderful Christmas–And Don’t Forget to Remember…

Can you imagine Baby Jesus so small?

Can you imagine Baby Jesus this small?

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