Laura Frantz Shares Christmas — Through a Novelist’s Eyes

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My friend, Laura…

In a lifetime, each of us meet a few special people that leave lasting impressions. Laura Frantz is one of those lasting impression people in my life. From the first moment we met, I was captured by her passion and authenticity. She has a wide-eyed enthusiasm for Jesus that overflows in every word, every gesture, every breath.

I’m honored to call her friend, and I’m so thankful she agreed to write this Christmas post for me while I’m visiting my kids and welcoming my new grandson into the world.

Christmas–From Laura’s Point-Of-View…

Have you ever considered just how amazing the Christmas story is from a novelist’s perspective? I love when Scripture comes to life (it truly is living, active, and sword-like) and particular events leap off the page and touch your heart. Novelists spend a lot of time plotting and creating character motivations and story arcs and whatnot. So it shouldn’t surprise us that the Master Storyteller came up with some very dramatic elements when crafting the tale of His son’s entrance into the world.

Our Heroine…

Take Mary, for example, our female protagonist or heroine. Scholars think she was probably 14 or 15 years old, perhaps even as young as 12. She was from a poor, conservative Jewish family. Girls that age tend to do a lot of dreaming about the future and I’m sure she was no different. She may have been attracted to a man in her village. It might not have been Joseph. Theirs was an arranged marriage, remember. Most certainly she was modest, devout, and obedient. Life was hard. She was probably the last girl the local gossips would have whispered about.

Our Inciting Incident…

And then…the inciting incident occurs. She’s going to have a baby. Imagine her initial shock, the crumbling of her girlish dreams, her fear of telling her parents and the news leaking to her small circle.

Our Hero

Joseph was older and more mature but this may have caused him more grief. He knew that people have a long memory concerning scandal. No doubt the villagers looked askance at him or pitied him for her unfaithfulness. Imagine his crushing suspicions about the girl he was pledged to marry. This was considered adultery under Mosaic law and carried the death penalty by stoning. His hopes for a respectable family and future turn to ashes. Being an honorable man, as our heroes have to be, he wanted to do the right thing. He was going to quietly put her aside.

The Drama and Tension Begin To Skyrocket!

Mary tells Joseph something that makes her look infinitely foolish – even crazy. She’s still pure and is going to have God’s son. What?! I can imagine Mary still trying to make sense of it all and poor Joseph struggling for words. Then imagine having some heavenly reinforcement in the form of a dream. Take her as your wife.

The Happily-Ever-After, Right? Nope…

Christmas story - Jewish baby

Remember, Jesus was Jewish. Probably dark-haired, dark-eyed, with a lovely olive complexion.

There’s still the long journey to Bethlehem to pay taxes at a very inopportune time. Imagine how tired Mary was, how embarrassed she must have been since there was no woman or midwife to attend her. Think how frustrated Joseph must have felt in failing to find a decent place for her to have a child not his own. Then imagine that incredible star and the wonder of the shepherds and the amazement of the Magi.

All the makings of a bestselling book. 🙂 Which it is.

  • What part of the Christmas story has special meaning to you?

Thank you, Laura, for opening our eyes to a new view of the Christmas story. If you’d like to check out more of Laura’s writing, visit her website or read her latest release, Love’s Reckoning (September 2012, Revell).

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  1. Mesu, I’m always struck with the beauty of your website – which is just a reflection of your lovely heart and spirit. Praying for you and your family this Christmas – am so thankful you get a Christmas baby of your very own:)

    1. Post

      Hey, sweet friend! Thanks so much for visiting today and giving me a little more time to spend with my new grandson! I SO loved your thoughts on this passage of Scripture, and I’ll never read the story the same again! Blessings on you and your family, dear one! 😉

  2. Mesu, thanks for featuring Laura and enjoy your new grandson.

    Laura, Your devotional words are so beautiful as usual. So much amazes me. I’m overwhelmed with the humility of the God-man and reminded of His tender care for us.

    1. Post

      Hi Julia!
      Thanks for visiting! Laura’s words have a way of unveiling God’s Truth and our hearts, don’t they? Looking into my grandson’s newborn eyes, I realize how totally dependent the Son of God was–humility to the Nth degree…

      1. So good to see Julia here – and Mesu, too! Nothing like a newborn baby to bring the Christmas message home. And yes, overwhelmed with His ability to become one with us and His care for us. Amen.

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