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Guess what I did yesterday.
I listened to my husband preach a sermon.
Cool, eh?

This little piece of news might not amaze you, but let me share why this is significant. My husband and I have known each other since third grade. We weren’t believers in our younger years–both lost and ornery as “oh-my-goodness.”

We were friends but never dated until the Lord captured our full attention in college. I’d been raised in a Christian family, but no one agreed on theology, so I had a VERY poor opinion of church and “religion.”

For years Roy and I stayed away from church–until a persistent lady in my Bible study dragged me into a pew one Sunday morning. Two years later, my husband felt called into vocational ministry, quit teaching in public school, and attended seminary. After that, he was a pastor for fourteen years.

God has a sense of humor, doesn’t He? That’s why it’s sort of a big deal each time I hear my husband preach. We’re not your typical pastor and pastor’s wife.

In 2007, Roy left pastoral ministry to take a teaching position at Multnomah Bible College. He still prepares “lessons” each week, and the principle behind preparing for class is much the same as preparing a sermon. He must know the audience before he can communicate effectively. The Apostle Paul knew his audience in today’s devotional, and it changed the way he presented his testimony.

  • Do you put much thought into your conversations before you arrive at an event or spend time with a group of people?
  • Is it better to listen well or ask good questions?

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  1. Wow, this week’s devotional speaks to current happenings and future happenings so well. It confirms, it answers question, it comforts that what I prayed about even this morning is not only going to be accomplished but it will prosper and have eternal consequences.
    Thank you, Mesu, for being faithful and faithfully doing what God has called you to do….in spite of………….

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