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My grand-daughter is adorable! 
You knew that was coming, didn’t you? Doesn’t every grandma think the same thing?

And guess what…we found out last Friday that our younger daughter is having a boy…due in December on my birthday! Woot! So I’ve got five months to practice this grandma gig and re-learn all this newborn stuff before the next one comes along.

I’d forgotten how baffling new babies are! My sweet little grandbaby depends on big people for everything and has no words to communicate her needs. So how do we know what she needs?

We read the signs.

When she cries and puts her fists in her mouth–she’s hungry. When she screams unconsolably, she’s either got a tummy ache or she’s mad about something (yes, we’ve discovered a two-week-old can get mad). Each day, we’re learning a little something new about how to understand her non-verbal cues and meet her needs. 

I’ve learned that my walk with Jesus is kind of like caring for a newborn. When our relationship first began, it felt awkward and completely foreign. I didn’t understand the Bible OR what was expected of me from this formless, invisible God to whom I had opened my heart. With each passing year, and through every storm of life, I am learning a little more of Who my God is and how He communicates with me–wordlessly, invisibly, but powerfully and undeniably. It’s an incredible journey, and I continue to learn new signs all the time.

In today’s devotional, Paul and his seafaring friends learn the importance of reading the signs–and the consequences when they ignore them.


Have a great week! And watch for those non-verbal signs from ALL the people in your life. Grandbabies aren’t the only ones who speak without words!

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