Roll Call! Broken Vessel’s Cast of Kings…

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King's crown

What’s the Story?

My third biblical novel, Love in a Broken Vessel (Revell, March 1, 2013), tells the story of the Old Testament prophet, Hosea, who was called by the LORD to marry a prostitute named, Gomer. The LORD called Hosea to use the love and heartache from his  marriage to fuel his passion to share God’s love and heartache at Israel’s prostitution to other gods.

Kings of What?

The nation of Israel began as a promise to one man–Abraham, alone in a land not his own. Yahweh promised to give Abraham the Land of Canaan and descendants beyond number. Then started all the “begats”–Abraham begat Isaac begat Jacob begat 12 sons who went down to Egyptian bondage and became a nation delivered by Yahweh and Moses.

Israel became a nation, and its first king was Saul–then David, then Solomon. Solomon’s son was a spoiled brat (I think that’s the Mesu-sian version) and the kingdom of Israel split into separate nations–Judah and Israel. Our story begins a few generations after the split…

The Kings in Love in a Broken Vessel

You’ll find the kings in our story to be as individual as you and me. Some are ruthless, cold-blooded. Others fatherly and kind. All seem to display a measure of entitlement–if not at the beginning of their reign, at least by the end.

Two Notable Kings of Israel…

  • Jeroboam II – aloof from public, uses power like a cymbal, loud displays in public forums.
  • Menahem – a soldier first-king second, ruthless, heartless, cares little for the finer things of royalty…until it’s gone.

Two Notable Kings of Judah…

  • Uzziah – successful, faithful, and so completely convinced of his false humility–that he’s fooled himself.
  • Jotham – kind and gracious-to a fault, wants to do the right thing, finds follow-through difficult

Chart of prophets and kings

Leading Their Nations…

Israel’s kings lead their nation to ruin, the excesses of idolatry and earthly wealth proving more appealing than obedience to Yahweh’s seemingly strict commands.

Judah’s kings protect the prophets and Yahweh’s Temple in Jerusalem–but their hearts faint at the thought of total obedience to Yahweh, fearing the people may turn against them.

So the prophets warn. People are broken.

And God pours out His Love in Broken Vessels

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