Separation Unto the LORD

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Separation Unto the LordSeparation…

You’re reading this after I’ve spent eight days holed-up in a hotel room, finishing my rough draft on book #4–but I’m writing this in the midst of my separation from the world.

Why does a middle-aged, empty-nester need quiet hotel room to write a biblical novel? Because my laundry yells at me, my dog has to go potty, and responsibility in general is a slave-driver.

Unto the Lord…

But going to a hotel doesn’t ensure my rough draft gets written. The Lord is the Driver of this bus, and if He doesn’t show up…I’m in trouble. Unfortunately, I forget that sometimes and try to push the bus down the road all by myself, while He sits in the Driver’s seat, waiting patiently for me to GET BACK IN THE BUS!!!

The Lord’s Day

Today (the day I’m writing this) happens to be Sunday.

  • I rushed through a shower–the first one in 3 days.
  • I started the coffee–most important food group for an author.
  • I began thinking of how I’d begin my next chapter–which I tried to start last night but couldn’t think of the word “sudden” (brain fry). NOTHING WAS COMING. I was stumped. Chapter 38 was killing me!

But I was still determined to spend a little time in the Word before I started on the manuscript. Then it dawned on me. Eee-gad! I hadn’t yet written tomorrow’s devotional! Okay, so I’ll make my devotional reading in Exodus. The Lord will speak to me in Exodus…right?

Separation Unto the Lord

I grabbed my old NIV Study Bible (that I use for writing), and flip through the OT backwards, from Malachi to Gen–and there it is…


I’d written those words in HUGE, block letter across the top of a page as I was turning to Exodus. I landed in Exodus 10, where I thought I was supposed to start reading and couldn’t concentrate.

Separation to the Lord. Separation to the Lord.

And my opening scene for Chapter 38 suddenly unfolded in my head–the priests and their wives must be separate to the Lord.

I had my own worship service right there in my hotel room: “Oh my great and glorious God! (That’s not OMG. That’s OMGGG!) LORD, You are amazing!”

BTW, I’ve gone back and tried to find the specific page that was on and couldn’t find it at a quick glance. After my rough draft is complete, I’ll take a closer look! 😉

Question for Today:

  • How has God shown you that Separation to Him is the most important part of your day?

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