Time For New BFFs!

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BFFsup? idk bout u but i lol @ text talk. some say wdymbt? others think meh. i think i’ll write the whole post like this. jk. lol. ♥ U 4evr.

wait! u wanna b my new bff?

New BFFs…

If you understood any of the first paragraph, you’re probably familiar with net lingo, text talk, and/or instant message jargon. It’s today’s online culture, but even my twenty-something kids have to look up some of the abbreviations on Google! (So don’t feel bad if you’re a little lost in translation—like me.)

According to’s definition of text talk, BFF stands for Best Friends Forever. Though I’d love to have lots of close friends, it’s physically and emotionally impossible to invest ourselves deeply in the lives of too many people. Even Jesus had a circle of twelve disciples, an inner circle of three, and one BFF—self-proclaimed by the disciple Jesus loved (John).

So, what do I intend when I publicly plead for new BFFs?

My BFFs are Biblical Fiction Fans

I’m looking for a special team of—Biblical Fiction Fans—folks who enjoy biblical novels with well-researched history and bigger-than-life characters that make Scripture come alive.

If you’re a BFF, and if you enjoy reading my books, I’d like to invite you to join my team. We’ll cap the group at 50 members for our initial campaign so we can get to know each other (we’ll open applications for more new members in the future).

Mesu’s BFFs—will become a tight-knit family of readers, pray-ers, and dreamers. It’s a new, more personal approach to connecting with you. We may not become best friends, but we’ll sure get to know each other better!

What BFF Members Do:

Mesu’s BFFs will gain access to a password-protected webpage (on my website) to share exclusive devotionals, prayer concerns about book projects and ministry, and provide feedback for future projects and ways to expand current readership.

My BFFs will be asked to provide a review of In the Shadow of Jezebel (and future new releases) on one or more of the e-tailer sites (Amazon, B&N,, etc.).

I pray that together we’ll also generate excitement for biblical novels in general. As you read other great biblical novels, I hope you’ll share them with our group and post your review link to our private page. Though Mesu’s BFF team will, of course, primarily focus on my books—I hope our excitement for the genre will encourage authors and Christian publishers to keep providing great biblical stories!

How Do I Become Mesu’s BFF?

EVERYONE who fills out an application for Mesu’s BFFs, gets immediate access to a prequel chapter for the new release, In the Shadow of Jezebel (March 2014)! This exclusive glimpse into Jezebel’s soul is only available for those who apply to be on the BFF team.

Mesu’s BFF coordinators will choose only 50 members from all the applications, and our application cut-off date is January 24th. So, CLICK HERE to apply! The application is SUPER quick and easy. Keep reading to find out more BFF perks!

What BFFs Get:

Here’s the really fun news—the FREE STUFF! As I mentioned above, only 50 members will be chosen for our initial team of BFFs. We’ll add more later, but we’re starting small to get to know each other. Here are a few of the gifts for our first-ever members:

  • A pre-release copy of In the Shadow of Jezebel—your choice of e-book or print.
  • The opportunity to participate in a 30-minute conference call with me on Feb. 27th to ask questions about the book, characters, publishing, writing—whatever! (More info to come!)
  • A 5×7 frame-ready print of a special quote from In the Shadow of Jezebel.
  • All the free bookmarks/postcards you can distribute!
  • Access to the members-only website page (and all the fellowship included there).
  • Members can opt to have their blog address and/or social media information listed on my website to expand their platform.
  • WRITERS in the group can submit a devotional(s) for publication consideration on our member page.

I hope to build relationship with my BFFs. Celebrate birthdays, get plotting ideas, offer a contest or two. It’s a new thing, and we’ll learn what works—and what doesn’t—together!

But don’t worry. We won’t flood your inbox with spam or junk. I’ll only send emails with new devotionals or important news. Otherwise, participation will be on your terms—whenever you sign into the webpage.

Are you ready to jump in? CLICK HERE to apply now!

Don’t Wanna Be a BFF?

Maybe you like my books, but you’re not interested in being a long-term team member. I’ve still got a gift for you—if you’re willing to be patient…

My publisher has given permission to try a little experiment. One of my chapters for In the Shadow of Jezebel was deleted. Cut. Whacked. Shot-down. Word count issues—can you imagine?  🙄

But it’s really a cool chapter—no spoilers or anything. Would you like to read it?

If you’re willing to WAIT to purchase a copy of In the Shadow of Jezebel between March 1-7, 2014—from ANY online retailer—you can download the Lost Chapter of Jezebel for FREE!

All you have to do is email your receipt to (with the date clearly noted on the proof of purchase), you’ll be directed to a link to download the FREE .pdf—the Lost Chapter of Jezebel! See? Freebies for everyone!


Today’s Question:

  • What questions do you have about my new team of Biblical Fiction Fans?

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