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diversityToday, we’re going to talk about BFFs–not “best friends forever,” but Biblical Fiction Fans. Last January, I asked fifty BFFs to join me in a special venture to help spread the word about my new release, In the Shadow of Jezebel, and I promised we’d add more members later in 2014.

The time to add more BFFs has come!

About Our BFF Team

Our team is a wonderfully diverse group. They’re faithful readers from all over the globe–married, single, young, not-so-young, white-collar, blue-collar, and baby-spit-up-on-my-collar kind-of folks.

We have differing backgrounds but one eternal hope. Different denominations but one Lord. Our opinions vary on many things, but there’s one thing on which we all agree…

God’s Word is true, and we love well-researched stories written about biblical characters. Above all, we’re Biblical Fiction Fans, and we love to talk about what we’re reading.

BFFs Share

It’s my hope that everyone on the BFF Team shares their gifts and talents. Some do this by writing reviews, leading book clubs, making Pinterest pins, and a gazillion other creative activities–all done to share their passion for God’s Word and biblical fiction.

One way our BFFs minister to each other is by writing devotionals to share in our weekly e-blast. It’s as simple as telling about what they’ve learned while reading my books. Here’s an example of one team member’s life lesson from In the Shadow of Jezebel:

A Lesson From Becky Hartsfield

aReading about the ancient use of the Urim and Thummim in the book, In the Shadow of Jezebel, I was reminded of when I was much, MUCH younger and found myself inexplicably drawn to subjects dealing with the occult. After many years of experimenting with all kinds of crazy things that led to further and further darkness, I began praying and asking God to bring me out of darkness into Light.

The God I had encountered as a child came to my rescue and today my life is fully committed to Christ! (Yay, God!!)

Lo and behold, the more I study Scripture, the more I find that our God ~ the very one we serve today ~ is full of all kinds of supernatural power!! Not the dark, scary type found in the world of occultism, but the magnificent superpower kind that belongs only to our God!

So, as I was thinking about the Urim and Thummim communication tools of ancient days, I am blown away to think that those tools have been replaced with the amazing ability for each one of us to communicate directly with our awesome Father, Creator, and Redeemer!! How amazing & mystical is that!

BFF Blessings

Becky shared a heartfelt message that was stirred when she read In the Shadow of Jezebel. Her devotional was included in our Monday e-blast to fifty BFF members and posted on our private Facebook group. Her words encouraged others, who left comments about their checkered past and then praised the Lord’s redeeming power.

Becky isn’t a professional writer, and she was nervous about her words being “published” for everyone to see. (I asked her permission before publishing the devotional on my blog.) But when we step out in faith to give our offering–no matter how meager we think it is–God can do amazing things with it.

Phillip or Andrew?

John 6 tells the story of Jesus feeding 5,000 with only a little boy’s lunch. As the sun sunk in the western sky, Jesus asked his disciples how they would feed the multitude.

Phillip stated the obvious, “We don’t have the resources to provide for this!” But Andrew saw the possibility for God to work–through someone else.

“Here is a boy with five small barley loaves and two small fish, but how far will they go among so many?” John 6:9

Notice, Andrew’s faith was hesitant but he saw the possibility of God doing a BIG work through someone else’s offering.

When it came time to market my fourth book, I knew I couldn’t do it alone. I needed the help of others–lots of people like that little boy–willing to offer their loaves and fish so that God could do a miraculous work for us all!

My BFFs Are the Boy!

I believe my BFF Team has taken their limited time and resources and offered them to the Lord on my behalf. Initial sales for In the Shadow of Jezebel have been higher, and my other three books have benefited as well.

More importantly, our BFF Team has learned new things, ministered in new ways, and seen God work in our midst.

Become a Part of God’s Provision

If you’d like to become a part of my BFF Team, the application process begins on August 1st. Full details will be included in the August newsletter and on my Facebook Author page. (You can sign up for my newsletter in the space provided in the right-hand column.)

But you don’t have to be a part of the BFFs to be a part of God’s provision! EVERY Christ follower is called to offer our gifts and talents to build up the Body of Christ. And every offering has the potential to become a miracle.


Today’s Question:

  • Is God calling you to step out in faith and share something of yourself that will bring Him glory–your time, talents, or treasure?

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  1. Hello! I have read two of your books and loved them! 🙂 I want to become an author myself, and am trying to write my own book right now. So, I was just wondering, if you are typing a book on Microsoft Word, and would like to write a chapter book, what do you think, or what do you usually try to aim for in page numbers? Thanks! 🙂

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