Mommy, Where Do Book Trailers Come From?

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How Do You Create A Book Trailer?

Well, I don’t! My son-in-love created my first two trailers–Love Amid the Ashes and Love’s Sacred Song–and the great folks at Jones House Creative produced the trailer for Love in a Broken Vessel. I thought I’d share with you a few steps that each one used to arrive at the awesome finished products!

Scripting the Trailer

I enjoy a book trailer with music and written narration. A human voice-over feels like an intrusion in the imaginary world I create with my characters. For this reason, the scripting becomes incredibly important, giving the book trailer its very essence…

Love Amid the Ashes Trailer…

My son-in-love scripted most of Love Amid the Ashes without ever reading the book. He knew the basic premise of Job and I told him how I planned to work Jacob’s daughter, Dinah, into the plot. He used single, powerful words to convey a gripping question we all ask in amid our darkest days–WHY?

Love’s Sacred Song Trailer

Love’s Sacred Song was a complex plotline about a complex king. Sweeping landscapes told of the larger-than-life King Solomon and his hundreds of wives. He had big problems and long phrases to describe the poetic verse of Solomon’s Song of Songs.

Love in a Broken Vessel Trailer

Matt, Tracy, and Emily at Jones House Creative created the Love in a Broken Vessel trailer. My only contribution was the original scripting. After I submitted my general ideas for slide wording, Matt began the creative process. He listened to lots of music to choose the right background. His wife, Tracy, sorted through a bagillion pix and video clips, and Emily was responsible for the atmosphere that surrounds much of the overall marketing for the book. After the elements of the trailer were assembled, I heard from the gals that Matt went into his “creative cave” and wasn’t heard from for days!

The Tricky Thing About Trailers

A book trailer tells a story–but it can’t tell THE story of the book! Or no one would buy the book, right? That’s why I love all three of these book trailers. They tell the story BEFORE the story. They get you prepared to read at a level of understanding that makes the book even richer…Enjoy!

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