Writing From Dry Bones

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Katie-Mesu-BeckyGreetings, Y’all!

It’s been a busy August, and September looks to be just as crazy. Since my last blog post, I’ve moved across the country, attended two conferences, started editing the rough draft of Isaiah’s Daughter, and this weekend will help my daughter’s family move into our basement.

All of these are fabulous things, real and true blessings! But have you ever felt like you’ve poured out everything in your emotional “pitcher” and there’s just not a drop of energy left? I’m not quite there, but close.

A Friend Spoke to My Heart

At one of the conferences I attended, my sweet friend, Katie Ganshert, won the 2016 Carol Award for best Contemporary Novel, The Art of Losing Yourself. You can see other winners HERE.

During her acceptance speech, she shared about the “dry” season she experienced while writing that manuscript and how she had to rely on the Lord’s provision to complete the work. Her story spoke to my heart. (Make sure your sound is at its highest–sorry for the poor sound quality.)

Ezekiel’s Dry Bones

When I got home from that conference, I read Ezekiel 1:1-10 for myself and allowed God to speak to me.

“Mesu, can I make your dry bones live again?”

I had to answer Him honestly–as Ezekiel did: “You alone know, Lord.” I wasn’t sure–I’m still not sure–I have the energy to write, to speak, to unpack boxes, and to do all that needs doing in the month of September.

I’m trusting our God to breath life into my dry bones.

Are Your Bones Dry?

Maybe you’re feeling the same way. Can God breathe life into your marriage, your job, your parenting, your church? Only He knows. But I encourage you to ask Him…and then listen for the gentle Wind of His Spirit.

That’s what I’ll be doing today, this weekend, this month. Listening. Breathing Him in. Waiting for dry bones to live again.


Today’s Question:

  • What do you do to replenish your soul when you’re feeling spent, dry, and worn-out?

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  1. Thanks dear Mesu, for sharing your heart.. I did pray for you often concerning your huge move and all you were facing. We don’t ever know what another is facing and feeling, but I know some.. For the past months I’ve been housesitting for various friends while waiting for my new little home to be refurbished, and have now been told it will be ready end October.
    My whole life has been moving, missions, loved it, but nnow it’s settling time, I have pain, and dread the unpacking process. Yet again. Some of my belongings were stolen from storage. I don’t have family, so my church is family and oh my, they have been wonderful!
    All this to say, my way of coping is to belong. To a family who loves you, a church family. Tell them your needs, let them serve and give, and your time to serve and give back will come.

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      Oh, Jenny, your words brought me to tears. What a tender, sweet heart you have, and how pleasing you must be to our precious Savior. Indeed, you do have family–as you so aptly described it. And our new church has embraced us so well and completely. We’re blessed beyond measure with folks who have offered and given more than we could have imagined. Thanks for this encouragement to trust God’s people to show us God’s love. It’s a good reminder and one I needed to hear.

      I pray our Great Physician gives you respite from your pain and peace in the midst of the storm. Blessings on you, dear one!

  2. Yes, I have been where you are, not sure if I had ‘enough’to finish. Through prayer, God’s Word and I ‘keep looking up’, I know I’ll make it. Without that HOPE it would be impossible. Praying God will give you strength to match the day my dear friend….Blessings,Linda

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      Yes, dear one, I know you’re enduring such a difficult time. I’m praying that the Lord gives you enough. That’s oftentimes His greatest gift because it keeps us closest to Him…always needing more for the moment. That’s where I’m finding rest, in the bend of his arm, next to His heart. I’ll see you there! 😉

  3. Wow! When you get to the end of yourself-like it has been said, you tie a knot and just hang on. When you are verily hanging on…you just hang on. Somehow our wonderful God does what only He can do….and it is possible. As you look back you wondered how you got thru that….but you do and you know JESUS better than you have ever known Him. Truly the God of the impossible.

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      Yes and amen! I’m reminding myself that there is an end to this season, and we’re marching THROUGH it! Roy keeps reminding me of how far we’ve come, and I marvel at God’s grace in getting us to this point! The Lord is so near and strong in our weakness…

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  4. I think of you and your family often and pray for God’s blessings to be poured out in your life. You are an amazing lady..

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  5. I too have felt that dryness. When I find myself in that place, I fill my spirit and mind with the Word of God set to music. Music can lift me out of dryness when words alone can’t get through.

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