Mesu’s Audio Bible Stories

Does the Old Testament feel like a foreign language when you try to read it? I felt the same way until I realized the Bible is one, long story made up of several smaller stories. God is the Main Character and mankind the object of His love in this powerful romantic drama. Satan is the villain, who tricks mankind into betraying God’s love in the Garden. The rest of the Book tells how our Hero pursues our hearts and fights for our eternal lives.

Each of the smaller stories within the Old Testament—Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, etc.—somehow sheds new light on the larger story started in the Garden and builds toward the great climax of God’s Son, Jesus, revealed in the New Testament—the true Hero for us all. In the Audio Character Stories below, you’ll hear my friend, Lyndsey Kirk, and me talk about how some familiar and some not-so-familiar characters of the Old Testament fit into the greater story of your salvation and mine.
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Miriam Bible Study:
Breaking Down Barriers, Building Up Faith

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Through the Bible Character Series