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December is a great time to celebrate! Twinkling lights. Sparkly clothes. And yummy food. But let’s not forget the reason for the season. This beautiful nativity reminds us of the journey and joy a humble couple experienced long ago—and the birth of their special boy. God’s Son. Our Savior.

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Comments 33

  1. My most memorable Christmas was in 1981. It was my mother’s last Christmas (and we all knew it) so we gathered together and had a special and meaningful visit.

  2. My favorite Christmas memory is getting a shiny red tricycle. I still have the picture I also have a picture of my daughters shiny red tricycle. I edited them and placed side by side. We look so much alike. Thank you for the chance to win. And Happy Birthday!

  3. The Nativity figurine is absolutely gorgeous. It’s hard to choose just one “favorite”memory , but one of my favorite ones was the year I received a book of Anne Geddes baby pictures, which was to let us know that our first grandchild was on the way! I already get your posts and love reading your insights into Scripture passages or persons. I love reading your books too.

  4. I always feel that my Christmas preparation is complete when I have attended Christmas Eve service.

    During my first year of college, I had the opportunity to attend another church’s midnight service for Christmas Eve. It was magical.

  5. I loved Slender Reeds and reviewed it on several sites! I hope I can be part of your influencer team.

    We bought a nativity when my son was small. He asked me where was baby Jesus? I told him that Jesus was born on Christmas and he would show up then. That Christmas morning he came running down the stairs and before he even looked to see what “Santa” brought he looked to see if baby Jesus was in the manger. He got married over a year ago and last Christmas I gave him that nativity set. He and his bride are now adding pieces to it each year.

  6. My favorite Christmas memory is my kid’s first Christmas. Reading the Christmas story to them and watching them with joy open up their presents.

  7. Hi Mesu! I was just telling Trent that we need another nativity, now that we have a grandson. We have one in our family room in the basement but I want to get one upstairs. I want him to be aware of the nativity’s and know how important they are in our Christmas decorating. He already notices the lights and sparkle!!! Can’t wait to teach him about Jesus! Hope you’re doing well, Blessings for the New Year and Merry Christmas to your family!

  8. Happy birthday and Merry Christmas! My favorite Christmas memory is one when it was snowing when we got home from church Christmas Eve and later that night we decided to go sledding-it was probably 9 or 10 o’clock, but so much fun!

  9. Each Christmas God allows me to spend with my elderly mom is truly special. I’m with her this year and I am blessed! Merry Christmas, Mesh and thanks for the opportunity to win!

  10. My favorite memory is when I was a little girl and my Dad was sitting in a chair watching me unwrap my Christmas present which was a doll as big as I was and to see his face when he saw my face looking at the doll. My Mom took a picture and I wish I could find it. I miss my Mom and Dad so much at Christmas time.

  11. The year I prayed earnestly for 2 gifts at Christmas. I had only gotten one the years before. I thank God that I got 2. I got a doll and a jump rope. I’ve never forgotten how much I prayed for the 2 gifts. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. My favorite memory is when my parents, children and grandchildren were all present at our house for Christmas-a wonderful day, which was 5-6 years ago

  13. Happy Birthday Mesu! One of my favorite Christmas was my baptism, which was on Christmas Day, and with the blessings of my family, I was baptized. It was indeed special, especially on a day that our Savior was born.

  14. I loved the year my mom made me and my older foster sister, matching nightgowns. I have 3 male siblings…she was my first sister, and it was so special to have a ‘girl something’ to match! Thanks for a very sweet giveaway – just like you to do that on your own birthday! Hope you’ve enjoyed a fabulous day dear friend. XO

  15. Happy Birthday Mesu!!!!. I love Nativities. Each year I try to find a new one to add to my collection. Christmas has always been a special time for myself and my family. I pray you have a wonderful birthday and very good Christmas. My God continue to bless your writing. I love all your books!

  16. Hi. First of all i hope you had a lovely Birthday! My Christmas memory is waking up on Christmas morning to one of mum’s nylon stocking filled with an apple, orange,nuts assorted, and a shiny penny! we didn’t have much when my sister and me, but we always looked for that stocking tied at the bottom of our bed! But now it means more to me, for i have the best present of all, Christ Jesus! and i like everyday to try and unwrap the many layers of our Lords personality, to know Him more through the Holy Spirit Of God! Happy Christmas!

  17. Happy and blessed birthday and Merry Christmas. My birthday was yesterday and I collect nativities so I’m hoping. ???? My favorite Christmas memory is just sharing love with family. I’m blessed to still have my parents.

  18. Everyone in my family knew their role at Christmas when I was younger. We knew that we had to put up curtains, clean the house from top to bottom, get the liquor and prepare the food. We would spend Christmas Eve baking bread, cake and pepper pot. I would already have set the garlic pork that we would eat as part of Christmas breakfast. The cookies(biscuits) would be cooling in preparation for Boxing Day. Johnny Mathis or Jim Reeves would be playing in the background as things were being done. I could remember the smells and the laughter. It was such a joyous time for us.

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