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Mesu and Lyndsey 8-12-15Why A Podcast?

  • Busy schedules for us and our listeners make it hard to sit down at a computer to read a blog post, so podcasts are a way to learn on-the-go!
  • It’s sometimes easier to ponder the deep things of God when prompted by a lively conversation.

Why Is RPRG Different Than Other Podcasts?

  • Lyndsey and I love God’s Word, and it’s been fascinating to see the different messages we take away from it because of the very different life-circumstances in which we find ourselves…
  • Lyndsey is a campus minister in Wisconsin, who shares the love of Jesus with students whose concerns range from papers, roommates, and professors to world hunger, social justice, and racial equality. Only a few years removed from the college life herself, Lyndsey must stay close to her REAL GOD to bring others into the Light she herself lives in.
  • I lead a more solitary life and have different areas of ministry. I encourage folks through writing–books, of course, but mostly hours a day of internet correspondence. I have grown children, six grandkids, and aging parents that I love dearly and who need my love and care through long-distance relationships. It can be stressful at times, and only a REAL GOD can meet the variety of demands I face every day.
  • Lyndsey and I can share many views of a single topic, giving a broader picture of the very big God that is REAL in both our lives.

How Did Lyndsey and I Meet?

Mesu: I’ve known Lyndsey since her first day on this earth! I met her mom, Cheryl, when she was nine months pregnant and got the phone call on the day Lyndsey was born. It’s been a joy and pleasure to watch Lyndsey grow into this amazing young woman with a passion to serve the Lord.

Lyndsey: I don’t remember Mesu from quite that long ago. Our family had moved to a different town by the time I first remember Mesu and her family. Our families got together every summer. Me and my sisters would play with Mesu’s girls, and I remember Mesu and my mom sitting over a cup of coffee each morning while us kids played, and the dads played golf. I remember most Mesu’s friendship with my mom, and my parents are still good friends with the Andrews’.

What Started the Podcast Idea?

Lyndsey came to visit Roy and I last summer. It was the first time we’d been with her as an adult without her parents around, and we got to dig into some pretty in-depth discussions about God, her faith, and Scripture. It was awesome!

I asked if she would be willing to read my rough draft of Miriam and write a Bible study for it. She agreed, and this girl found a golden thread running through it. Several of the characters felt REAL barriers to their faith–things that stood in the way of believing or trusting God–but were able to turn those barriers into faith builders. It’s a FABULOUS study!

First Four Weeks of the Podcast 

Beginning next week, March 25th, we’ll chat about biblical and fictional characters from my new release, Miriam. Each Friday we’ll look at a barrier to faith, how it affected the character, and how that same barrier has affected Lyndsey and I in our own experience. We hope you’ll gain some wisdom–and maybe laugh along with us–at the ways God has used our barriers of faith to become building blocks as well. 

Our character for next week is Taliah, a fictional character, who struggles with the question:

How can I believe in or trust a God I can’t see?

How To Subscribe

To make sure you don’t miss a single episode of our podcast, you can subscribe to REAL PEOPLE, REAL GOD on your smartphone with iTunes or Android. You can also listen to it here on the blog by clicking on the audio feed.

After our four-week Miriam study is over, we plan to move to a once-a-month podcast format. If you’d like to receive ONLY podcast blogs (and not the written blogs on the other three Fridays), click on the RSS feed button above. That will ensure you get only the podcasts.

BTW, you don’t need to have read Miriam to enjoy these Bible studies! But now is a great time to get a copy. There are a couple of ways to win a free copy right now:

  • CLICK HERE to enter the BFF Scavenger Hunt Blog Hop (ends 3/21)
  • CLICK HERE to enter the Giveaway on my website (you’ll get a pop-up screen when you arrive at my website–ends 3/24)

Join us next week to chat about Taliah!

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