Nicknames, Name Changes, & Nightmare Pronunciations

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If you’ve ever read one of my novels, you know they’re filled with difficult-to-pronounce names. I try to extend mercy to my readers by assigning nicknames to the characters, a practice I’ve found nowhere in historical records. But nicknames are something with which modern-day readers are familiar.   My readers also have to keep up with character name changes, sometimes changed by God, other times …

How to Pray When Life is Hard

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If you haven’t yet heard, let me tell you here—the release of my next book, Isaiah’s Daughter, must be delayed from October 2017 to January 2018. Why? Well, because life got hard—but God remained good. Wanna read a little about what I learned through the process? The Journey ‘Til Now When I signed the contract for Isaiah’s Daughter in May …

What Happened to the Un-Chosen—Esau & Others?

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Roy got a Sports Illustrated magazine in the mail last month with the cover story, “Where are they now?” Inside, the feature article showcased lots of athletes from the late 1900’s in their current-day circumstance. Some, like Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner, were rich and famous (not necessarily a good thing) while others, like Super Bowl icon William “Refrigerator” Perry, were found at …


Real People, Real God – Abraham’s Sacrifice

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     Download the Study Notes Thanks for joining Lyndsey and I for this week’s podcast. Instead of writing out the long script of notes, let’s try just a short outline of the content. The real heart of our message—and the message of God’s Word—comes through as Lyndsey and I discuss these Bible characters, their lives, their hopes, and their …


Real People, Real God – Abraham’s Sign of the Covenant

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     Download the Study Notes REAL PEOPLE Make a Plan To begin part two of Abram’s story, let’s jump ahead about 10 years. We read about this plan in last week’s blog (if you need a refresher, CLICK HERE): Abram and Sarai have grown impatient in waiting for offspring, so Sarai gives her maidservant, Hagar, to Abram in hopes of beginning …