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The Barrier of Doubting God’s Goodness

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How to SubscribeSUBSCRIBE: How can I trust God to do good things for me when I see so much evil around the world? (For those who put their faith in safety, security, and the “good life” they create for themselves.) Meet Eleazar—Aaron’s third-born son and nephew of Miriam and Moses. In Exodus 28:1, we learn that Eleazar becomes a priest, …

Miriam - Mesu Andrews

Breaking Down the Barrier of a God We Can’t See

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 How can I believe in (and trust) a God I cannot see? (For those who put their faith in the tangible, the seen, the things they can observe with their senses) Meet Taliah, a fictional character in the novel. Raised in King Ramesses’ harem to become a tutor to his sons, Taliah is an intellectual woman who is thrust into …


Huge Happenings Next Week!

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Miriam Releases Tuesday, 3/15!   The book we’ve all been waiting for is finally here and will be on your bookstore shelves on Tuesday, March 15th! See Moses, Pharaoh Ramesses, Egypt, the ten plagues, the Exodus, and the parting of the Red Sea through the eyes of Israel’s first prophetess. Miriam will capture your heart and stretch your faith. “This is biblical …

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Time & Treasure–Gift Card Winner!

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Congrats, Kathy Blundell, winner of the $50 Amazon gift card! Thanks to everyone who took time to participate in the September Newsletter Survey! Your answers will help shape the information I share in my future newsletters, Facebook, and blog posts. Time is a treasure, an irretrievable resource we can only spend once. It’s my hope and prayer that whatever I …

Who Needs Teachers

Who Needs A Teacher?

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This fall marked my husband’s first semester as interim dean, and he’s loving it. But the truth is—he’s also excited to continue teaching a few classes. Teaching is his passion. If I were to ask him, “Who needs a teacher?” he would probably say, “We all do!” And then he’d launch into how good teachers ensure every type of learner is …