How Do We Know Isaiah’s Daughter?

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February is BFF month! My new team of BFFs is in place. CLICK HERE to see a list of the members and their personal websites. A few weeks ago, I asked y’all on my Facebook page to ask some questions about Isaiah’s Daughter, and you responded with some great ones! This month’s blog posts will answer those questions. Understanding God’s Word It …

Planning Ahead for Miriam’s Release

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Have you started buying Christmas presents yet? What about Valentine’s Day candy? Made plans for Spring break 2016? It may seem crazy to plan so far ahead, but such is my life these days. Miriam, my second novel of the Treasure of the Nile series will release in March 2016, and we’re already gearing up for the big event! One …

Bible Heroes

Flawed Biblical Good Guys & Good in Biblical Bads

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Think of your favorite biblical hero. David? Moses? Paul? Now, imagine some grouchy biblical novelist (like me) writing David’s story—but giving the beloved king a terrible flaw. Maybe he bites his fingernails or incessantly clears his throat. What if Moses had a receding hairline? Not a problem while he’s a prince of Egypt—wearing a wig all the time—but certainly a …

Author Interview-Tosca Lee’s Iscariot

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Welcome, Tosca Lee! Tosca’s book, Havah, is one of my all-time favorite biblical novels, and I was so anxious to read Iscariot because she’s tackled such a difficult character! I’ve reviewed Iscariot in my April 1st Newsletter, but we wanted to give a preview of Tosca’s writing process and a few other tidbits… Mesu: Why do you write biblical novels? Tosca: I actually kind of fell …

Queen's Handmaid

Tracy Higley–Queen’s Handmaid Review

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I Love Epics The grander, the better. Old or new, doesn’t matter. I loved Cecil B. DeMille’s Ten Commandments, and I love Mel Gibson in Braveheart. Give me an afternoon of Dances With Wolves, Gladiator, or Troy, and I’m as happy as a pig in the mud on a sunny day. Maybe even happier.  😀 Tracy Higley Thinks EPIC! So, when I heard Tracy Higley’s new …

reading buddies

Reading Beyond Reason—Encountering Edu-tainment

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I’ve been at the Oregon Christian Writers Conference all week and had a FABULOUS time! Liz Curtis Higgs and Georgene Rice were our keynote speakers, and we had wonderful editor and agent workshops each day to hone our writing craft. This conference was extra special because my two best friends and critique partners, Meg Wilson (middle) and Velynn Brown (left), …