Who Is Isaiah’s Wife?

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I attended my favorite annual conference—ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers)—at the end of September. It’s always fun to meet new-to-me authors—some published, some aspiring, and some so new to writing they’re not even aspiring yet!   At one lunch discussion, I met a sweet gal named—Jerusha. Upon hearing her name, I squealed, “I’ve never met a Jerusha!!”  She looked rather startled. …

Name A Character!

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I Need Your Help to Name A Character! My current WIP (work in process), Love’s Saving Light, tells the story of 2 Kings 11 and 2 Chronicles 21-22, when the Queen Athaliah threatened to extinguish the light of God’s covenant with David. The wicked Queen Mother, upon hearing of her son’s death, killed all David’s descendants–the legal heirs to Judah’s throne–except a …