Control Issues

Help for Control Issues

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Here’s how I realized I had control issues. I began struggling with chronic health issues when our daughters were in junior high. Because of the myriad of unusual and unexplained symptoms, I was sure I had some latent cancer that the docs weren’t finding, and I was no doubt dying. My first thought? I told my husband we needed to …

chaos in the news

The Christian Response to Chaos

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For several years now, I’ve been getting my news from the little blurbs on my internet homepage or the scattered feeds on Facebook. I can’t stand watching any of the evening news—local or cable—because they’re either too slanted or too jaded. I admit, this has perhaps made me a little less “informed” than some of you. Let me assure you, …

Treasure Found by Tracie Heskett

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You just never know where you will find a treasure of inspiration. Today I’m reading a booklet, like a printed workshop, on writing. Toward the end, there’s a bit about building sand castles, in the context of being complete in Christ, recognizing and living out our true identity in Him. This is where I’ve been the last several months: seeking …