Who is Hezekiah?

Who Is Hezekiah?

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Hezekiah is an Old Testament king that I’m excited to meet in heaven. I have this image of him in my head—tall, dark, and handsome sort. His story can be found in three books of the Bible: 2 Kings 18-20, 2 Chronicles 29-32, and Isaiah 36-37. As with most kings, the accounts in 2 Kings and 2 Chronicles are similar, …


Who Is Isaiah’s Wife?

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I attended my favorite annual conference—ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers)—at the end of September. It’s always fun to meet new-to-me authors—some published, some aspiring, and some so new to writing they’re not even aspiring yet!   At one lunch discussion, I met a sweet gal named—Jerusha. Upon hearing her name, I squealed, “I’ve never met a Jerusha!!”  She looked rather startled. …

chaos in the news

The Christian Response to Chaos

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For several years now, I’ve been getting my news from the little blurbs on my internet homepage or the scattered feeds on Facebook. I can’t stand watching any of the evening news—local or cable—because they’re either too slanted or too jaded. I admit, this has perhaps made me a little less “informed” than some of you. Let me assure you, …


The Troubled Princess by Aimee Eddy

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Princess Michal, the “younger daughter of King Saul” (1 Samuel 14:49). I’ve always considered her brave, misunderstood, and troubled. Her name means “Who is God?” Do you ever feel your life is reflecting similar, troubling questions? If so, you and I might have plenty to chat about with Michal over coffee. Life Unfolding As a daughter of the first king …


Real People, Real God—Good News and Bad…

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Download the Study Notes Today, we’ll highlight the rest of the OT story by discussing the highs and lows of various characters and periods in Israel’s history. Follow along with the notes: Oh, That King Saul Saul, if you remember from our last episode, was handsome and a head taller than any man in Israel. High point:  Saul showed admirable …