Fear Factor by Klicia Thompson

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“…And so I found myself, shaking, slightly sobbing, standing on the deck of the 50th floor of the Rio hotel in Vegas wondering how I could have possible gotten myself into this.” You see, each year, my husband’s company spends the better part of a week in Las Vegas, Nevada for annual meetings and this year, we decided to take …

The Pharaoh's Daughter

Look What I Found—Anippe’s Fear

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The Pharaoh’s Daughter – Bible Study—Week #1   Click on the following title to print today’s devotional:  LOOK WHAT I FOUND–ANIPPE’S FEAR That late, great philosopher of the 1960’s—the Beatles’ John Lennon (*grin*)—said there were two great motivators: fear and love. In The Pharaoh’s Daughter we meet a young girl, Anippe, whose life is full of one and devoid of the other. …

Church Potluck Plus Crab Legs

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Some of the best cooks in the world sit in church pews—as attested to by the line of 8 ft. rectangular tables, sagging under the weight of crock-pots and casserole dishes brimming with home-cooked goodness. I love potlucks for many reasons, two of which I’ll discuss here. First, because it’s all-you-can-eat. Gotta love a buffet. Second, because there’s something almost …