Isaiah 6:1-8

Who Is Isaiah?

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When children list their superheroes, we get Batman, Superman, Spiderman, and maybe—now that we’re raising more sophisticated children—Captain America and/or Iron Man. Diligent, Bible-teaching parents might invest in the Super Heroes of the Bible Sticker and Activity book. I would be surprised if the prophet Isaiah was featured in this book. He’s generally not listed with Old Testament greats like:  …

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Meet the Hero—In the Shadow of Jezebel

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Most novel heroes are dashing young men with rippling muscles and charming wit. Ummm, not so with the hero of my March 2014 release, In the Shadow of Jezebel. If we compared this guy to comic-strip heroes, he’s neither Clark Kent nor Bruce Wayne. He’s not mild-mannered, wealthy, or particularly good looking. In fact, he’s a bit crotchety and years past his …

Laura Frantz Shares Christmas — Through a Novelist’s Eyes

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My friend, Laura… In a lifetime, each of us meet a few special people that leave lasting impressions. Laura Frantz is one of those lasting impression people in my life. From the first moment we met, I was captured by her passion and authenticity. She has a wide-eyed enthusiasm for Jesus that overflows in every word, every gesture, every breath. I’m …