Family Feud by Lindsey Kirk

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  Welcome to my podcast co-host, Lyndsey Kirk! Thanks for writing today’s post for us! One of my favorite TV shows to watch is Family Feud. I like trying to guess the best answers to the questions. I like the funny things people say. And with a hilarious host like Steve Harvey, the show can be a riot! It’s my …


Real People, Real God — Determined Jacob

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     Download the Study Notes A REAL Man Runs for His Life Our story begins with Jacob fleeing, determined to escape Esau’s wrath. Though our REAL GOD intended Abraham’s Covenant to be given to Jacob, Esau is rightfully angry that his brother stole the blessing and not-so rightfully vows to kill Jacob. Mother Rebekah suggests Isaac send Jacob to her brother’s family in Haran, …


Real People, Real God – Isaac’s Twin Boys

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     Download the Study Notes Today we’re going to talk about a very REAL FAMILY—Isaac, Rebekah, Esau, and Jacob. They were a mess. As always, we’ll see how our REAL GOD shows up in the midst of their mess. What are the REAL PEOPLE Doing? When today’s story begins, Isaac and Rebekah have been married for 20 years, and …


A Name Ain’t Just a Name

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If you’ve read more than two chapters of the Old Testament, you’ve probably realized a name ain’t just a name. There’s a whole discipline, called Etymology, devoted to the study of names. Giving names is an honor God bestowed on man while his fellowship was yet unbroken by sin. What a privilege our God gave Adam, when every animal paraded before …

Author Interview-Jill Eileen Smith

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Thanks to Jill… I’m excited to have my good friend and wonderful biblical fiction author, Jill Eileen Smith, with us today on my blog. Jill is part of the reason I’m published. It was her first series, Wives of King David, that opened the door for the current resurgence of quality biblical novels. Before Revell took a chance on Jill’s debut …