Real People, Real God—Hannah’s & Mary’s Prayers

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     Download the Study Notes We’re pausing for a moment in our Through the Bible Character Series to take a brief look at the prayers of two Israelite women. Both pregnant, these ladies lived at different times in Israel’s history, but had very similar prayers. In light of the Christmas season, we’ll look at Mary’s prayer, sometimes called the …

Doctor Mediator

Aaron—Let the Mediating Begin

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Have you noticed how important that first point-of-contact person is at your doctor’s office? We used to call them receptionists, but they have different titles nowadays. “Patient Care Specialist” (PCS) is the most appropriate title I’ve seen for those mediators who are really good at their jobs. Concerns arise when my favorite and fabulous PCS leaves the practice, and I …

suffering--no whining

4 Ways God Uses Our Suffering For Good

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I try hard not to whine. How about you? And I find daily encouragement in the promise that something good always comes from suffering (Romans 8:28). Here are a few practical ways I noticed Yahweh fulfill that promise to Moses before Paul wrote it down centuries later. Suffering Prepares Us to Help Others Moses seemed to lead a charmed life, at least in …

friends hands

Who Is Jesus To You?

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John’s POV I’ve been reading in John’s Gospel for my quiet time. It’s been three weeks, and I’m still in chapter one because I’m reading with new insight. The Apostle John wasn’t just recounting the details of Jesus’ ministry. He was reliving the days spent with his Best Friend. So, I’m reading with John’s POV (point of view), and I’m …

Explore the King Tut Exhibit With Me – Trip #3

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Got Me Thinking… On Jan. 2, 2013, I went with a friend and her daughters to the King Tut Exhibit in Seattle. King Tutankhamun–King Tut to most of us–was an Egyptian king made famous by his tomb of hidden treasures found in the early 1900’s. Often referred to as the “boy-king,” Tut reigned from (approx.) 1336-1327 BCE and is thought to have died …

The Creator Gets Created

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Our Creator… At the dawn of a new year, let’s look at the beginnings in God’s Word. Creation is one of my favorite topics. I’m fascinated by our infinite Creator. He stands outside of time as One who has always been–the Creator, who was not created. God’s ability to create from nothing sets Him apart. As humans, we can make things, using pre-existing elements to …