Christmas angel

Finding Jesus After Christmas

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My angel died. Not a real angel, of course, but a VERY important angel nonetheless. The angel pictured at left was given to my husband by a special friend during his last years in pastoral ministry. Izzy came into his office one December day, proudly toting a wrapped Christmas gift. She plopped it on his desk and waited with a bright smile …

handling fingerprints

How Does God “Handle” You?

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Big Mistake It began when I told my husband I’d given one of our daughters advice about how to “handle” a young man she was dating. A female trick of the trade. Every man is different–like a fingerprint–so each one needs slightly different tactics to soften their rough edges…blah, blah, blah… I should have realized a man wouldn’t appreciated it. In fact, MY …

punctuation--alphabet blackboard

Potent Punctuation–Let’s Get Spiritual

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If you’re a stickler for proper punctuation, the Bible’s sentence structures might drive you to distraction. Thankfully, I don’t go to Scripture to learn grammar technique. HOWEVER, I recently found an interesting punctuation lesson in God’s Word… Isaiah Said… In Isaiah’s prophecy of doom for God’s idolatrous people, there came a point when the LORD was moved by compassion. He …


Recognizing “Preparers” In Your Life

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A Well-Prepared Field I’m an Indiana girl, transplanted to the beautiful Pacific Northwest at age forty-four. Though I love the mountains, ocean, and emerald-green forests of my new home, I miss the beauty of a freshly plowed field, crying out for seed. A successful harvest often depends on the preparation of the soil. Watch out now…that’ll preach! God, the Great …