A Different Kind of Beautiful

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 I’ve always thought my mom was beautiful. Graceful. She was trained in opera when she was young. I remember going with her to weddings, hearing her sing the Lord’s prayer. The whole sanctuary full of guests would fall silent on her last, drawn-out note of, “Ahhhhh-mennnn.” Ooooooh. Still gives me goose bumps to think of it. Gorgeous! A few weeks …

faith--water to wine

A Lesson in Faith—Show vs. Tell

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What Is Show vs. Tell? As authors, we’re charged with the task of showing emotion rather than telling the reader how a character feels. If you’ve ever taken a writing course or had your work professionally edited, chances are you’ve received the dreaded red-pen critique: “S/T.” As a reader, perhaps you’ve come across a section of a book that seems to drag. …