Who Is Isaiah’s Wife?

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I attended my favorite annual conference—ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers)—at the end of September. It’s always fun to meet new-to-me authors—some published, some aspiring, and some so new to writing they’re not even aspiring yet!   At one lunch discussion, I met a sweet gal named—Jerusha. Upon hearing her name, I squealed, “I’ve never met a Jerusha!!”  She looked rather startled. …

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Applications Open for Isaiah BFF Team

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Well, the time has finally arrived! We’re ramping up for the Fall 2017 release of Isaiah’s Daughter. Preparing for the launch means getting my BFF team in place early! For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, let me give a brief summary of what the BFF Team is, its membership benefits as well as the …

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Choose Life, Give Life

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This week’s blog is a duplicate of the featured article in my January newsletter. If you’d like to read the other portions of the newsletter, CLICK HERE to subscribe! Be Alive in 2017 I have to say, I was looking forward to the 2016 holiday season more than perhaps any in my life before it. As many of you know, …

A Newsletter Cometh!

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What Makes a Good Newsletter? The last thing you need is more junk email. So, I need your help to provide meaningful content. A good newsletter will provide a variety of information but maintain the depth of meaning that you’ve come to expect from my devotionals and novels. Thanks For Your Help! I recently posted a question on my Facebook …