Three Keys to Positive Perspective

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We recently visited with some dear folks from Illinois who’ve been our friends for—wow, I can hardly believe it—nearly 30 years! During that time, both couples have experienced ups and downs. We’ve supported each other through job changes, the death of parents, and other major life stressors. It seems only fitting that the Lord would teach me some important things …

chaos in the news

The Christian Response to Chaos

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For several years now, I’ve been getting my news from the little blurbs on my internet homepage or the scattered feeds on Facebook. I can’t stand watching any of the evening news—local or cable—because they’re either too slanted or too jaded. I admit, this has perhaps made me a little less “informed” than some of you. Let me assure you, …

How’s Life?

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We’re taking a break from our Through the Bible Character Study because…well…Lyndsey and I are having technical difficulties with the voice recording app on our phones. Yep. There it is—the truth in all its unglamorous detail. The smartphones are smarter than we are, and until the techy guys fix the problem, we’re at their mercy. We hope to do podcast …

Embraced by Eternal Love by Klicia Thompson

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Soccer practice…graduation announcements…swim lessons…internship schedules…birthday party… workout…kindergarten art…oral surgery…get the tires changed… My calendar has felt a whole lot of crazy this last month. My mind is spinning and the to-do list never quite gets finished, just transferred to a new list with additional tasks! It seems spring schedules always get so full despite my best attempts to keep life simple. …

Release Day TOMORROW!

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March 17th isn’t just St. Patrick’s Day. It’s the day The Pharaoh’s Daughter releases! I’ve paced and sweated and cried over this baby, and tomorrow it’s borne to the whole world. If I had more than three minutes of free time, I might be excited—or nervous. My assistant, Klicia, has helped immensely with blog posts, newsletters, and mailings. And y’all …