Isaiah 6:1-8

Who Is Isaiah?

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When children list their superheroes, we get Batman, Superman, Spiderman, and maybe—now that we’re raising more sophisticated children—Captain America and/or Iron Man. Diligent, Bible-teaching parents might invest in the Super Heroes of the Bible Sticker and Activity book. I would be surprised if the prophet Isaiah was featured in this book. He’s generally not listed with Old Testament greats like:  …

Book Review: Rebekah by Jill Eileen Smith

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About Rebekah When her beloved father dies and she is left in the care of her conniving brother Laban, Rebekah knows her life has changed forever. Though she should be married by now, it’s clear that Laban is dragging his feet, waiting for a higher bride-price to line his pockets. But then Rebekah is given a chance to leave her …

Sneak Peek at Hosea in Love In a Broken Vessel

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The Story of Hosea and Gomer Love in a Broken Vessel: A Novel tells the story of Hosea, an Old Testament prophet, who was commanded by God to marry a prostitute  in order to demonstrate the betrayal God felt when Israel worshiped pagan gods. Tragic, isn’t it? To think of a good man married to such an immoral woman… It’s even …