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What Does the Bible Say About Eating?

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One of our pastors recently preached on the topic of food. The Bible has lots to say about it. Can you believe it? What to eat. What not to eat. Feasting and fasting. Let me confess up front: I’m a reformed food-a-holic. I come from a long line of southern-cooking, buffet-going, stuff-your-face kinda folks. When my dad had a heart …

The Good News About Sin

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No one needs to learn how to sin. Have I mentioned that I have the sweetest grandbabies on earth? But each and every one of them needs to be saved! One of them cries—no, screams—when mommy takes away the bottle or binky. Another one gets told “no” repeatedly—and then smiles and reaches for the forbidden object anyway. Sound familiar? My kids did …

Tell Me a Story

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One of the greatest challenges for any writer is a little concept called, “Show! Don’t tell!” If editors and agents were paid a dime for each time they corrected it, I’m guessing many of them would be retired by now! As a reader, you might not notice it—until you read a book that told you things rather than describing them. …