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A Lesson in Faith—Show vs. Tell

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What Is Show vs. Tell? As authors, we’re charged with the task of showing emotion rather than telling the reader how a character feels. If you’ve ever taken a writing course or had your work professionally edited, chances are you’ve received the dreaded red-pen critique: “S/T.” As a reader, perhaps you’ve come across a section of a book that seems to drag. …

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Characters–How Many Are Too Many?

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Characters—How Many Is Too Many? Secret’s out. Jig’s up. My novels are notorious for LOTS of characters. The two negative comments most common in my reviews are: “I had a hard time keeping track of all the characters!” “The names were hard to pronounce.” Since I write biblical novels, many of the names come straight from Scripture, so you’ll have …

Laura Frantz Shares Christmas — Through a Novelist’s Eyes

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My friend, Laura… In a lifetime, each of us meet a few special people that leave lasting impressions. Laura Frantz is one of those lasting impression people in my life. From the first moment we met, I was captured by her passion and authenticity. She has a wide-eyed enthusiasm for Jesus that overflows in every word, every gesture, every breath. I’m …