How To Get Deep-O-Tionals In Your Inbox – Mondays

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If You’d Like Deep-O-Tionals To Find Your Inbox…

Just fill out the form in the right sidebar and follow the simple prompts. You’ll receive a weekly devotional very similar to the one posted on the website, but it will have more personalized prayer, additional Scripture, and opportunity for journaling.

Those Already Receiving Devotionals on Mondays, Don’t Do Anything New!

The system for Deep-O-Tionals remains the same, so if you’re already getting devotionals in your inbox, you don’t need to fill out a new form. You’re IN, and you’ll stay in!

You Can Unsubscribe Or Change Your Subscription At Any Time

At the bottom of each Monday email, you’ll see a section “update subscription preferences” where you can change your email address or make other changes to your profile.

Thanks For Joining Me On the Journey!

  • Any questions for me about the new website or Exodus study?

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