Two New Holidays From Monday’s Voting!

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Special Days:

In the Deep-O-Tional mailing on Monday, we looked at the first Passover and what makes a celebration lasting, memorable, meaningful. I asked recipients to vote for a worthy holiday to add to our calendar. Here’s what two of them said…

Deb writes:

Halfway Day — that is halfway between New Year’s Day and Good Friday.  My employer does not celebrate President’s Day or Martin Luther King Day, so it is a very long stretch.

Great idea! But we missed it this year. Good Friday will be March 29th, so Halfway Day would have been February 13…BUT REMIND US NEXT YEAR! 😉

Audrey writes:

Janitor Day —  I have often felt that there should be a day set aside for janitors. We recognize nurses, teachers and many other professionals. Janitors are hard working and deserve recognition. They do many undesirable tasks and if it wasn’t for  them things would really “go to pot!” (Sorry, pun intended!)

Love it! The only potential problem might arise when trying to find a symbol to commemorate Janitor’s Day. Ever tried to decorate a plunger?  😐

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