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A great big THANK YOU to my Miriam BFF Team for all the hard work you put into promoting over the past year!

Please answer the question listed in the Rafflecopter giveaway in the comment space below. Then feel free to earn additional entries by following the instructions on the Rafflecopter widget. You can repeat with new entries daily!

Contest begins midnight, May 30, 2016 and ends at midnight, June 27, 2016(PST). Klicia will notify the winner through email and announce on our private Facebook page. Contest is open to our international members too!

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  1. Kate, I loved your devotional. I see my family in some of what you said. I used to keep asking why all this stuff happened to us and I have now come to terms with most of it in that God has a special plan for me. I’ve known it but, now after many long years of experience I know it in my heart as well as my head. Thanks for the special words and I will pray for your family.

  2. I loved everything about this years promotions. The devotions were awesome! At this point, I cannot think of anything to change or add. If I do, I will let you know!

  3. I absolutely love reading biblical fiction and it is so fun being on this team. Everyone works so well together.

  4. I loved the BFF team this year!!! The BFF scavenger hunt was soo cool. I think my favorite was connecting with all the BFFs and hearing how Miriam impacted them. I don’t have any suggestions yet for improvement.

  5. HAving a community on Facebook is the best. Getting to know other readers, pray for them and encourage them all while having a single goal of promoting Mesu’s book is so nice. I’ve really enjoyed it!

  6. I always love hearing the behind the scenes stuff, knowing what stage the book is in and have a chance to pray for you and the team as we promote! It’s such a fun time! I loved it all!

  7. I enjoyed the graphics supplied to enable us to do graphics about our favorite quotes from the book. I also like the devotionals associated with the book. The FB page is great; however, sometimes I had difficulty keeping up with all the ‘shares’….maybe spaced out a little.

  8. I loved everything about the campaign this year! It was great getting to do the scavenger hunt, participate in the phone call with Mesu, and interact with others who enjoy her books like I do. I can’t really think of any ways to improve right now.

  9. I loved the graphics and the variety of ideas that others shared about promoting the book. I especially liked knowing how what we did helped the Amazon sales and ranking. I would enjoy knowing more of these statistical outcomes.

  10. I enjoyed being a part of the BFF team for Miriam. I’m not terribly creative, but it was a joy to see what everyone came up with. Even though I’m going to be changing the focus of my blogging over the coming months, I would still love to be involved with the next book’s release. Actually, I’m going to be doing more historical stuff and Biblical fiction fits right in there!

  11. I liked the tour that we did following the prompt we were given. I think it might be helpful if next time we do two, one early and one late.

  12. This was the first time I’d participated in a launch, so I haven’t got much to compare to. 🙂 I had a wonderful time with the scavenger hunt and giveaway, and would love to do things like that again in the future. I appreciated the extra effort that went into making that so easy for those of us that were newbies.

  13. I’d have to say I enjoyed talking and sharing about Miriam. The other thing I liked was doing a devotional, I had not done one before, I think it turned out well, and I found out I can do something I have never done before.

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