Who Has Bigger Hands by Renee Ann Smith

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MannaMy grandmother fed people.

  • The soup that simmered in her deep stock pot all winter long was ladled out to mailman and milkman and whoever happened by.
  • Sunday meant roast and gravy and melt-in-your-mouth biscuits for those who gathered round her table.
  • The typical bedtime snack for overnight guests would be root beer floats served in soda fountain glasses with silver Howdy Doody spoons.

Everything was special. And everything was big—pancakes the size of the frying pan and every cup or bowl or plate heaped to overflowing. But the best thing was that Nannie and Papa ran a general store, and we grandchildren could binge for free.

All the Nutty Buddies and Necco Wafers and Mary Jane taffy and Birch Beer soda we wanted. FREE.

I learned young not to reach into the candy canisters and grab for myself.

Because Nannie had bigger hands.

They held much more than mine. If she served me, I was more than satisfied . . . as long as I followed her One Rule . . .

Eat until you’re filled and leave the rest for someone else.

Never were we allowed to hide and hoard for later. Though I was a hoarder at heart, the One Rule never bothered me. With Nannie, I never worried about having enough or running out or putting aside provisions for the future. Why would I?

My generous grandmother had proven herself more than capable of taking care of all that. When I hungered for more, all I had to do was run to Nannie’s side, and she’d make sure I was more than satisfied.

My grandmother was the Manna Principle in action. “He rained down manna for the people to eat. He gave them the grain of heaven. Human beings ate the bread of angels. He sent them all the food they could eat.” ~Psalm 78:24&25~

Some things God gives us to give away.

But other things we receive as needed from His hand—like the Manna that could not be hoarded but fell fresh as dew every morning.

This requires daily living in His presence.

And that’s how He keeps us hoarders close.

God limits our ability to provide for ourselves to teach us that His provisions are limitless.

But that’s okay.

Because He’s got bigger hands.

reneeby Renee Ann Smith


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  1. Oh my, Renee…this is amazing. Beautiful. Tender. And oh, so true. Your words hit me exactly where I am today, dear one. Thanks so much for listening well and writing to the heart. Blessings on you! 😉

  2. Great post Renee. I like the analogy of God’s bigger hands. He is generous to overflowing and we need to remember that and take in His blessings. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Oh how I LOVE this beautiful illustration of God’s provision for us. Being one who loves to cook…and feed others…this really hit home. And oh how I love the picture of your dear Nannie’s bigger hands. Oh yes…if we could only wait on the Lord to give us what’s best! What awesome memories you have to cherish. Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. Renee, this was a challenging day and then I came home and read your message. Thank you for making my day a whole lot better…that was warm and wonderful!

  5. Dear BFFs, thank you for once again reminding me how much our hungry hearts have in common. God, thank you for using this group in my life. Blessings!

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