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pinterestOur 1st BFF Contest!

For all you Pinterest lovers out there, here’s the scoop…

Revell organized a blog tour for me in March, and I received a report that 57 participating bloggers have posted reviews on their blogs. I sent each of these dear bloggers an e-thank-you for their time and efforts, but then heard of a GREAT idea.

An author friend, Laura Frantz, makes Pinterest pins for each blog-tour reviewer and posts them on a special Pinterest board. What a great way to say THANKS! It gives the bloggers a little Pinterest press, and makes them feel special!

I thought some of my BFF Pinterest junkies might like to help with the project–and it was a great excuse for our first contest!

All the Details:

Our fearless leaders, Angie and Tina, have done the hard work of setting up a Google document for us to work from. Our goal is to get ALL 57 BLOGS PINNED, so if you see a blog review already pinned on our BFF Pinterest board, move to another blog address to make your pin.

Angie has made the Google Document live and sent the link in the weekly newsletter. If you have questions, please contact Angie ( or  Tina ( as I’ll be visiting my kids in CO Springs and won’t be checking email regularly).

Cleaning Up Our Board

While you’re perusing our Pinterest BFF Board, check on any pins you’ve posted previously. If you see a pin (that YOU uploaded) that’s outdated or is a duplicate, please delete it or update it. We’ll do a little Spring Cleaning while we’re having fun.  😉 Thanks oodles, and…

pinterest logoHappy Pinning, Y’all!

BTW, for those of you who don’t have a Pinterest account–Don’t fret, we’ll do other contests!!  😆

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