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newsletterWhat Makes a Good Newsletter?

The last thing you need is more junk email. So, I need your help to provide meaningful content. A good newsletter will provide a variety of information but maintain the depth of meaning that you’ve come to expect from my devotionals and novels.

Thanks For Your Help!

I recently posted a question on my Facebook Page, “What would you like to see included in my upcoming newsletter?” From three replies, I received some great feedback:

    • Book reviews
    • Joyful thoughts
    • Life experiences
    • Things you have learned/are learning as you read through the Word!
    • A day in the life of Mesu
    • Bible/book character highlights
    • What Mesu is reading/doing/working on

Thanks to Laura, JoJo, and Kelly for your input!

Here Are Some Ideas:

  1. “My Life, God’s Word” – a short article on what I’m learning from my personal Bible study time. The lessons may come from Scripture related to my current WIP (work-in-process), a Sunday sermon, or a random verse I’ve stumbled upon.
  2. “Reading Corner” – A book review of whatever novel I’ve completed during the month and/or what other books I’m currently reading with links to my Goodreads account and NovelCrossing page to “chat.”
  3. “Writing News” – This section will include updates on my books/projects/contracts and any other big news on biblical novels in the ECPA market.
  4. “Pin of the Month!” – A favorite pin from my Pinterest boards. It could be one I found on Pinterest, or it could be one I’ve created and is original to my newsletter! (I have to get a little more techy training to figure this one out, but I’m working on it! J)
  5. “Special Features” – Like the Special Features on a DVD, this section will offer fun downloadable gifts available only to newsletter subscribers.
  6. Each month may be a little different. I’m sure it will evolve as the Lord directs!

First Newsletter Goes Out May 1st!

Watch for a Newsletter sign-up box on my website!

I’ll announce it on Facebook and Twitter. Plus, on Friday, April 26th, I’ll describe on this blog what the first free gift will be! (The Friday before the Newsletter releases.)

I’ll give you a hint…the first e-Newsletter will offer a free download of a never-before seen chapter–a last-minute cut–from Love in a Broken Vessel. 

Today’s Question:

  • Is there something you’d like to see in my e-Newsletter that wasn’t mentioned?

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  1. Thank you for your books that give me a great deal of reading pleasure because they are based on God’s Word, have a wonderful story which could have actually happened if the whole story had been revealed in the Bible. It really opens God’s Word in a special way, which I enjoy so much.

    My question or comment here is whether or not you have considered a section on your website where one might ask advise or a question that you would personally address, either privately or on the site. You are a godly woman that I admire and respect, so being able to ask for an opinion about something personal that I don’t feel comfortable asking someone in my Bible study or Church, would be a special feature I would appreciate very much. I of course realize you are extremely busy and may not be able to do this, but want to ask anyway.
    Wondering in Maine

    1. Post

      Thanks so much for your encouraging words about my biblical novels. I’m so thankful they’ve touched your heart and opened God’s Word to you in a way you both understand and enjoy. What a wonderful testimony!

      To answer your question: no, I really hadn’t considered creating a section on my website to address readers’ personal questions. I think there are liability issues and even moral issues involved since I don’t really have any training that qualifies me to offer advice to those I don’t know personally. Even my close friends (and family) can attest that I’m pretty hesitant to offer advice. Even my kids get a little frustrated with me sometimes when I won’t give my opinion. I try really hard to ask questions when I’m asked a question–making the questioner search his/her own soul for the answer. I’ve found in my earlier years, I was too quick to run to a friend for advice–and too slow to search Heaven for answers.

      On the other hand, there are some “specialty” websites that have wonderful chat capabilities, keeping identities private. For instance, my friend Meg Wilson’s website, http://www.hopeafterbetrayal.com. offers a login feature where women who have been hurt by their spouse’s sexual addiction can ask questions of other women in similar circumstances. I’m sure there are similar sites out there for other specific needs.

      And, you’re right, time is definitely a factor. I can see how an “advice column” might get out of hand quickly! 😉

    1. Post

      Hi Deborah!
      My web designer is working on a Newsletter sign-up that will be posted on the right-hand column of each webpage (probably directly above or below the Blog sign-up). I’m not sure yet when we’ll get that up, but we’ll try to make a BIG DEAL of it, so no one misses out! 😉 Thanks for asking!

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