Favorite Biblical Research Sources

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road map for researchThe Age of Information

I’m so thankful to be writing in an era when information and research is so readily available.

The Good News:

  • There’s SO MUCH INFORMATION out there about every period in history.
  • Everybody who’s anybody has the ability to share his/her expertise.

The Bad News:

  • There’s SO MUCH INFORMATION out there about every period in history.
  • Everybody who’s NObody has the ability to share his/her OPINION.
    • It’s often difficult to distinguish opinion from expertise.

Learning to Judge Trusted Sources:

When you begin a journey into an unknown land, you must ensure the maps to your destination are as accurate as possible.

  • A resource originating from a respected university is generally trustworthy (the website url will usually end in .edu).
  • Trusted historical writing such as Flavius Josephus or Herodotus are typically respected authorities–or at least defensible in fiction.
  • As a rule, in the realm of scholars:
    • Wikipedia is NOT your friend.
    • A blog post of personal experience is NOT your friend.
    • A donor-fund-driven ministry is NOT your best resource for information.

Prepare to Be Challenged

My first real “slap in the face” as an Evangelical Christian researcher came when I visited this site: Pseudepigrapha, Apocrypha, and Sacred Writings. I’d always known there were other “sacred” books that capable, intelligent people valued as highly as I value the Old and New Testaments. But to see MY BIBLE listed among a host of other writings that seemed like fairy tales…well, it was staggering.

It was also life-changing, opening my eyes to the way someone hears the story of God visiting earth as a Babe in a manger, living on earth as fully human/fully God, and dying on a cross to be resurrected three days later.

Research will challenge not only your mind, but your heart. It will hone your intellect and your faith…if you let it.

Favorite Bible Study Websites:

  1. My favorite, and the one I use most often: StudyLight.org
  2. Two other solid, reputable Bible study sites: BibleGateway.com, BibleStudyTools.com
  3. I use mostly the maps on this site: Biblos.com.

Hebrew Culture, Maps, and Lifestyle Websites:

  1. I used this site for cultural and Jerusalem info in Love’s Sacred Song: Bible-Archeaology.info.
  2. Great maps with a little bit of description and biblical explanation for each location: Biblos.com
  3. One of my favorite things to do is look up names for characters on this site: Biblical-Baby-Names.com

Today’s Questions:

  • What are some of your favorite Bible study or Research Websites?
  • Do you have a question about HOW to research?

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