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Name Miriam’s Dog!

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theoAs many of you know, we recently added a four-legged friend to our family. We adopted Theo–a three-year-old American bulldog mix–from our local humane shelter, and he’s added a splash of joy to our lives. He’s my writing buddy, my foot-warmer, and my inspiration for a special character in the new book I’m plotting.  😀

Beginning Miriam’s Story

Though Scripture doesn’t tell us if Miriam ever married, I’ve decided to depict her as an elderly single woman who is utterly fulfilled by the intimacy she enjoys with El Shaddai. Miriam would describe her life this way as the book begins:

No relationship imprisons me. No task consumes me. No despair conquers me. For eighty-five years, I’ve been Shaddai’s alone, loving others with the overflow of His love for me.

Of course, there wouldn’t be a book if Miriam didn’t endure some sort of hardship and transformation. During that transformation, she’s going to need a friend…

Not Your Typical Romance

This book won’t be your typical boy-meets-girl romance–mainly because our heroine is eighty-five years old! ha! But it’s more than that. I know many single women–either single by choice or by unforeseen circumstance–who struggle to find a spiritually challenging novel without the overwhelming message that they must be married to be happy.

Miriam will be single, spicy, and thoroughly content with the God who adores her.

But don’t worry, romance lovers–love stories still abound in these pages! However, it will be a different love story than you expect.


God Is Not Who We Expect

Throughout this book we’ll examine our human inability to put God in a box. If we’ve dared to define Him, He’ll find a way to exceed our expectations and break our carefully hewn mold.

There are, of course, certain things we can know about our God. He is infinite, omnipotent, omniscient and many more things beyond the scope of this blog post. And the Bible tells us God never changes:

“In the beginning you laid the foundations of the earth, and the heavens are the work of your hands. They will perish, but you remain; they will all wear out like a garment…But you remain the same, and your years will never end.”   Psalm 102:25-27

But remember that word, infinite. No matter how long we follow Him, or study Him, or know Him–we will never stop discovering new things about our infinite God! He will surprise us no matter what we THINK we know of Him.

A Friend For Miriam

So who will stand by Miriam through thick and thin as she discovers these new facets of the God she thought she knew? Since my Theo has been such a blessing to my heart over the past few weeks, it had to be a dog.  😀

canaan dogAnd not just any dog. A Canaan Dog–an ancient breed of herding dog that’s been employed by the bedouins to shepherd their flocks since 2200 B.C.

Can you tell I love research?

I need your help naming this important character in book #6! Here are your choices (listed with the name’s meaning):

  1. JABBAR – Compeller

  2. MALIK – Master (King)

  3. SATTAR – Protector

How To Vote…

Please only choose one name, and write it in the comments below. Feel free to tell me why you chose it. I’d love to hear your opinions! I’ll count votes until midnight (EST) on Wednesday, October 15th and then announce the winning doggie name on Friday, October 17th!

On your mark…Get set…Vote!


Today’s Question:

  • What was your favorite pet’s name (as an adult or a kid)? Why was he/she so special?

Comments 28

  1. I love the name Sattar, because the meaning of that name speaks volumes. I believe the name Sattar will definitely remind Miriam that God is our Protector.

  2. Sattar because he will protect her physically and protect her heart. God gives us the animals He thinks we need and she would need a protector on earth.

  3. Sattar is good, but I am going with Malik. First because that is the name I have given Rahab’s father in my WIP. Second, although the dog is not the master of the relationship, perhaps this one is master of himself. He chooses to be the companion of a strong woman, because he respects her. She is not his master but his companion.

  4. Last year was our first year on our 10 acre farm. We closed on our house in February, adopted our own pound puppy in March, and added chickens in April. That was about the time that the Arkansas snakes began to move about.
    One evening about dusk, I peered out the window to see our dog Gwennie staring fixated at something on the ground. When I went out to investigate I realized that she had a cottonmouth snake trapped and coiled. I hollered, “Hold it there Gwennie!” and I ran to get a hoe. My first crushing blow drove down into the snake bending it in half. When I lifted the tool the snake struck out towards me. In a flash Gwennie stepped between us drawing the snake’s attention and causing it to coil on itself. Two blows later the snake was dead.
    The next day I recounted the story to the children and they raved about Gwennie’s bravery. At dinner our 5 year old daughter prayed, “Thank you God for Gwennie the Protector Dog!”
    I vote for SATTAR the Protector Dog.

    1. Well, it seems to me #3 is winning out here! ;-} I was going to choose it because if you’re going to have a single Miriam, certainly she would need a protector…and be reminded of God’s protection. My vote is for Sattar!!

  5. Post

    WOW! Love your reasons and the thought you’ve put into your answers. But no Jabbars? Really? He’s a herder, a shepherd. I’m not lobbying…just thought it was interesting.

    Keep the votes coming! It ain’t over till it’s over! 😉

  6. I vote Sattar as well. I like that he is her companion and protector. But if I had a second vote, I would vote for Jabbar since he could be a compeller, a motivation of some sort to her.

  7. Oh my! I am so excited. A book about a single woman in love with her Heavenly Father just enthuses and inspires me!:) Yes, I agree that Miriam needs a companion. If she is feisty as I imagine her to be maybe she does need a JABBAR to keep her in line. LOL:)

  8. I like both Sattar and Malik. God is our Protector, (Psalms 23 and 27 ),but he is also our Master and King. (Psalms 29,100 and 107.)

  9. I like Sattar the best because it means protector and that beautiful dog looks like a protector! My cat’s name was Sandy not very original but that was his coloring! My bunny was Wiggles and my hamster Molasses! Not very meaningful names but I guess they meant something to me! This was fun Mesu…Linda

  10. I like Jabbar! My little fur baby certainly knows how to compel me into doing exactly what he wants when he wants!

  11. I vote for Sattar also. I’ve been alone for a many years now and raised my children on my own. I’ve been content with the life that my Lord has created for me. He blessed me with a loving companion, a rescue dog who has been my friend and companion for 13 years now. She reminds me daily of my Gods infinite love!

  12. Post

    You gals are AWESOME!!!! Your answers are both fun and thoughtful. Sattar is obviously the overwhelming favorite so far, and I think your reasoning is good. Miriam will need a protector–for many reasons. As Emily mentioned, God is Master and King–and let’s face it, most dogs we’ve had think they’re masters and/or kings. 😉

    Votes are still open until Wednesday, however, so we’ll see if others throw their opinions into the hat! Thanks so much helping with this! It’s so fun to have your input! 🙂

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