Spiritual ADD—Popcorn Kittens in the Soul

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Did you see those kittens pouncing on each other? Wrestling? Toppling over and over? That’s what my thoughts had been doing for months. When I tried to concentrate, a stray thought would pounce, sending half-formed concepts tumbling into oblivion. It wasn’t just life that suffered. It was Spiritual ADD too. If I sat down to pray, my mind couldn’t settle on any topic long enough to finish a sentence.

Ending the Kittens

I’m not sure when the kittens came to visit—or how so many got in my head—but I know they stopped bouncing when a retreat speaker, Rita Nussli, challenged me to listen for God’s quiet whisper on a beach—in silent solitude.

No phone. No music. Not even a Bible. I was to sit alone in silence and wait for God to show up, and she offered only this advice (paraphrased):

 “Don’t try to empty your mind, but rather fill it with God. If a random thought invades, return that thought to His hands in prayer and then refocus your heart on Him.”

It was the beginning of the end for my inner popcorn kittens…

Our Little Secrets

I used to tell Jesus things I never told anyone else. We shared secrets, He and I. Again, I don’t know when that stopped, but our secret-sharing began again that day on the beach.

Sharing the deepest places in my heart with the Lord isn’t for His benefit. It’s for mine. He already knows my pain, my desires, and my confusion. It’s me that needs to catch up. For months—actually, years—I hadn’t dared to search those deep places and share them with my Savior.

Are you scared yet? Don’t be. He has the only healing balm, the only quenching water, the only answers to your questions. And He’s waiting for each of us to come—and share those secret moments.

Habit Forming

I’ve heard it takes 30-days of repetition to create a habit. Well, I’m on my way. I’ve started sequestering myself in a quiet space, alone, without a Bible or pen or paper. I fill my mind with the Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

I listen.

When stray thoughts enter, I offer a silent prayer about it and return my focus to God: Father, Son, or Spirit. I listen some more.

In the listening and praying, I sometimes sense a peace about a particular situation I’ve faced or a decision to be made, and I know the Lord has met me there.

When I feel settled and peaceful that our silence is finished, I open my eyes and am amazed at how much time has flown by. Sometimes thirty minutes, sometimes more…or less. It doesn’t matter. The time is His. If I have somewhere I need to go, I set an alarm—but He’s a better Timekeeper than my cell phone.

Life Without Popcorn

I’m still working out this silence and solitude thing, but so far it’s brought some amazing changes—from the inside out. My heart is more attuned to Him throughout the day. I recognize His constant presence and include prayer as a moment-by-moment solution.

On days when my mind is tested, bombarded from a hundred directions, I read and/or recite a few Holy-Thinking Scriptures that help me keep the Spiritual ADD at bay. Click on the link provided to read some of my favorites:  Holy-Thinking Scriptures

“The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.” 2 Corinthians 10:4-5

Today’s Question:

  • How about you? What draws you into deeper intimacy with the Lord?


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  1. I have tried the solitude thing . . . I used to think I was good at being quiet and listening, but these days the kittens feel more like tigers, each one bowling me over as they hit. Next week I am going to take a day- one whole day to get alone and get quiet . . . It’s time to take my thoughts captive.

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      It’s been tough for me to find an HOUR to get quiet, Kate, and I don’t have kids and puppies vying for my time! God sees the intentions of our hearts, and I’m trusting Him to show up as you make space in your schedule for Him!

  2. Thanks for the scriptures. I need to get alone with God and listen. I have cats of all sizes in my head trying to pounce on me and drag my thoughts one way or the other. I used to be better at taming the cats but now I’m having problems. Will work on it.

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      I can so relate to that, Connie! I used to be able to focus better. What happened? Did I change, or did my world change? I’m still not sure, but the reality is…I’ve got to figure out how to get still…and only the Lord can help me do that. I pray He’ll do the same for you, friend! 😉

  3. “Popcorn kittens.” That’s exactly what’s been going on in my mind recently. I’m too many hours away from the beach (although I wish I could change that), so I put a pillow down beside my bed and get down on my knees. You’d think that with my fibromyalgia and degenerative disk disease that I’d been in pain or I wouldn’t be able to get up, but I actually feel better when I do it. Maybe doctors should start prescribing it!!

    Love the post, sweet lady, and love the list of Holy-Thinking Scriptures! Thanks for putting them all in one place. Mighty hugs!

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      Thanks for those hugs, dear one! I could FEEL ’em! I love the idea of being on our knees. There really IS something about our posture–when we humble ourselves before the LORD, He notices. Thanks for sharing that. 😉

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